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Kyra Sedgwick injured in a viral "footloose" dance with Kevin Bacon

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Kyra Sedgwick iced her wrist with the virus Tik Tok dance.

Her husband, Kevin Bacon, shared a photo on Instagramof Sedgwick applying a cold damp cloth to her wrist after trying the "Footloose" TikTok trend..

"The result after nailing the Tik Tok dance #Footloose," Bacon wrote next to the image. The dance set in the title song of Kenny Logins is characterized by one dancer holding the other dancer with his arms and legs before falling to the beat.

Kyra Sedgwick injured herself performing the viral "Footloose" dance with husband, Kevin Bacon.

Kira Sedgwick is a viral "foot loose" With her husband Kevin Bacon who was injured by playing a dance. (Photo by Roy Rochlin / Getty Images)

"Remember that this was part of the original #Footloose choreography No. "saidBacon, who starred in the 1984 movie. "But we thought we would give it a spin."

KEVIN BACON called his first "SELFIE" the "old" WIFE KYRASED GWICK. Share

Completed the viral dance of the couple video and finally gave each other a high five. Sedgwick and Bacon have been married for 34 years and share two children, Travis (33) and Soci (30).

"When we actually go out to dance, DJs always wear" foot loose ", people circle around me, applaud all at once, like a trained lizard. I look forward to performing the trick, "the actor told Closer every week. "So I tend to avoid it."

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But Bacon and Sedgwick at home.

"We love to dance, and if we have our party in a closed room, we dance all night," he explained.

Kevin Bacon starred in the original 1984 "Footloose."

Kevin Bacon was the original 1984 "Footloose" Starred in. (CBS photo via Getty Images)

Due to the permanent marriage of Bacon and Sedgwick, many have their secrets. I came to know. It's a hassle for Bacon, but he still doesn't hesitate to share some simple tips.

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"That's what I already answer It's a question that refuses to do that, but there are some things I don't want to do if I want to have a long marriage. " "One is to keep the toilet seat up and the other is to say" that's it. "

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