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Kyrie Irving has permission from Nets to ask for sign and trade.

Nets star Kyrie Irving has been asked for permission to look for a sign-and-trade package. Confirmed. But so far, no trackers other than the Lakers have been found.

Irving has many reasons to prefer sign-and-trade. The main reason is that we not only recovered more than $ 30 million, but also got a 15% trade kicker on the way out of the door. What must be paid by the net.

Brooklyn refused to give 123 of the 226 regular season games since its arrival to Irving, who missed 123, but offered up to $ 245 million in contracts for a full five-year period. However, it is believed to have provided one or more-annual contracts. There are still many gray areas to meet in the middle, but Irving hates to make them less than the maximum.

When Irving was asked by Complex.comon Sunday if he wanted to stay in Brooklyn Nets, he laughed and instead of answering, he was his agent and his He stood beside his stepmother, Sheteria Riley Irving. he.

Irving will need to win $ 36 million in player options for next season until Wednesday. Otherwise, he will become a free agent and contract with another team (such as the $ 6 million Lakers at Taxpayer MLE) and Nets will not be compensated. Irving has it as a threat, and can do even more damage, with's friend Kevin Durant dissatisfied and chasing him outside the door.

Durant attended a charity event in Maryland on Monday. This was the first graduation class from Durant Center's college-educated children, and it is believed that there was no roundtable discussion with Nets. Direction of retool after irving.

Irving has already given Brooklyn's general manager Sean Marks a list of six teams, including the Clippers, Heat, Knicks, Mavericks and Lakers, who would like to trade if they couldn't reach the extension. Was provided. And 76ers.

Kyrie Irving during a Nets playoff loss to the Celtics on April 23, 2022.
NYPOS Corey Sipkin

But Knicks is on the net for Irving, but he does. Without it, he has little interest. According to Bleacher Report, they are targeting Dallas free agent Jalen Brunsonand are reportedly seeing Malcolm Brogdon as Plan B after hiring his father Rick. increase.

Teams that get Irving by sign-and-trade are severely restricted. If he opted in by Wednesday and then processed (even on the same day), that wouldn't be the case, things would be easier for the receiving team, and All-Star would have a $ 36 million salary and a $ 5.5 million trade kicker. Will be able to be acquired.

Irving recently went off the road to publicly praise LeBron James and talked about how he still talks to James frequently in Durant's "The ETCs" podcast. Cleveland would have won more and chased James to the Lakers.

It may be his best landing point. Other teams with cap space are rebuilding or indifferent (like Knicks). According to ESPN, the Lakers are the only team pursuing sign-and-trade.

However, due to Durrants' history with Russell Westbrook, Russell Westbrook's declining match, and the $ 47 million deal next season, a reunion is unlikely. The Lakers will almost certainly need to loop in the third team to satisfy Nets. And Durant.

Durant is believed to be in standby mode as to what Irving's return is. If he follows the proceedings and decides to request a transaction, his contract has four years left and the return will be an earthquake.