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Lady Gaga's Chromatica Ball Finally Arrives at MetLife Stadium

Lady Gaga's release of Chromatica in May 2020 feels like a long time ago, during the darkest time of the pandemic.

, freed from lockdown on the wall you were climbing on, in a world where mask-ups and social distancing didn't exist, clubs still pump out beats instead of hand sanitizer How to escape to another planet.

Chromatica may have been a victim of timing, though. There was only so much you could do with an album designed just to dance to when you had no place to dance to.

And as if "Chromatica" never materialized — for Gaga, aside from the futuristic outfits that at this point seemed like she was sweating groceries — she turned up strong at MetLife Stadium's Chromatica Ball on Thursday night with three of her biggest pre-Covid hits: "Bad Romance," "Just Dance," and "Poker Face."

Bam. bam. bam.

Lady Gaga at Metlife Photo by Emily Smith/NY Post
Emily Smith/NY Post

  And indeed, the Little Monsters who had  came from around New York to offer the one-and-only stadium in the summer. I worshiped my mother as a local figure. Fun than coins.

 By the time she changed her first costume, and performed her first Chromatica track, "Alice," there was little place to go. Still, whether it's golden her oldies like "Monster," or overlooked new jams like "Sour Her Candy," Gaga leaves no doubt that a star has been reborn. was.

Lady Gaga at Metlife Photo by Emily Smith/NY Post
Emily Smith/NY Post

And indeed this is a rebirth that has happened since. A disappointment to 2016's country pop her turn "Joanne."  After winning an Oscar for "A Star Is Born," Gaga is firmly back on her stick at disco.

Though she seems to have been around forever, Gaga is still 36 years old. And she's not ready to settle into Tony's Bennett realm.

But if anything, these Bennett collaborations prove that Gaga is her vocal dynamo. And I think there are very few singers who can play their instruments as hard as she does, hoofs, belts, and yes, of course.

While the show has had a lull due to a small number of cuts of "Chromatica" such as "Babylon," hearing songs such as "Free Woman" in a liberating environment can be quite rewarding. was supposed to be experienced  indeed cathartic.

Lady Gaga at Metlife Photo by Emily Smith/NY Post
Emily Smith/NY Post

But Bradley Cooper's duet is 'shallow' The tip from A Star Is Born, which is Ally Main more than Lady Gaga, was the latest tip with the biggest response.  Meanwhile, she tenderly dedicated another "star" song, "I'll Always Remember Us This Way" to Bennett, with an extended piano section that made her section a little too long. 

And when she deconstructs "Born This Way" into a piano ballad and then blasts it hard, it's a reminder of what she's capable of at the peak of her powers. Did - when she's on the right track, baby.