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Lara Trump on Mar-a-Lago raid: Our allies and enemies see America as weak and unstable

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Fox Her news contributor and former President Trump's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, said the FBI's raid on Mara's Lago mansion and Tuesday's Wyoming primary Liz offered her take on the consequences of her Cheney loss. "The Story" Wednesday.

Lara Trump: I think the whole raid on Mar-a-Lago is an overall bad look for America worldwide 

Trump blasts Liz Cheney after first-round loss to Harriet Hagerman: "She can finally disappear."

You know, for our allies and enemies to find out exactly what just happened, that is, the presidential candidate I ponder what I have to think about now to see the current president raided by DOJ. 

Man, it's a banana republic type thing. It makes America look weak. It looks unstable as a country. So I'm more concerned about the actions taken by the FBI here than what Donald Trump did. 37}

Leo Terrell on Wyoming primaries: Liz Cheney will never be president

What did they do? Are you expecting it, by the way? This man has been attacked in every possible way. We know about past fake investigations. We also know about the FISA warrants and all the misinformation used to obtain them due to the Russian collusion hoax. 

Advisor McCarthy responds to Liz Cheney's attack with 'sarcastic' Dick Cheney words

All this makes America look so bad. And, of course, the father-in-law fights back. I agree. he stands up for himself. He's always stood up for America, and any suggestions otherwise are utterly ridiculous.


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