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'Last Chance Operation' to save Beluga stranded in French river

France Whale in Seine
Images taken by environmental group Sea Shepherd show beluga whales in the Seine River at Notre-Dame-de-la-Garenne. I'm here. August 8, 2022, northwest of Paris. Sea Shepherd

Paris — Marine conservationists said on Tuesday that a dangerous operation was planned. On the Seine in France she rescued a stranded beluga whale for a week. Beluga whales, which are supposed to live in the Arctic and sub-Arctic Oceans, have been under surveillance for several days amid growing concerns over their declining health.

It was stranded on the Seine in central Paris, about 40 miles northwest of the French capital, and was slowly swimming between two locks.

"Today there will be a large and complex operation that is not without risks, but that is essential for Beluga whales. It will be the first large-scale operation in France," said Sea Shepherd. The group said in a post on Tuesday . His Facebook page.

"The main task today is to transport beluga whales 150 km [approximately 93 miles] from the ocean to a saltwater basin more suitable for their physiology." Yes, so the beluga can receive treatment and medical follow-up," Sea Shepherd said. "We want to determine what is afflicting him and whether stopping him from eating is something we can help or if it is incurable.

Beluga whales are seen swimming in the French Seine near the locks of Courcelles-sur-Seine, western France, August 5, 2022. } JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP/Getty

The group has pledged to fund its operations, urgently giving €30,000 (roughly the same in US dollars). ) For this operation, Sea Shepherd said it had already received generous donations for some of the materials needed.

As of Monday, experts expressed little optimism thatbeluga whales might survive. It was first spotted last Tuesday in a river northwest of Paris.

Local police and fire brigade were mobilized and monitored, using drones to track its movements before it was brought to safety. closed between two locks to secure  

Seine at Notre-Dame-de-la-Garenne in northwestern France A beluga whale swims between two locks in the river, August 6, 2022. JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP/Getty

Authorities A veterinarian called said the 13-foot-long whale appeared to be emaciated, and many concluded that it was likely deteriorating over the course of weeks due to its poor health.

Attempts to feed the beluga whales were unsuccessful, and they ignored the food provided, even after veterinarians injected them with steroids and antibiotics.

Staff on site. Sea Shepherd, who was present at The animal may have been ill for several weeks, he said.

"That anorexia is almost certainly a symptom of something else we don't know about, a disease." Sea Shepherd's French president, Lamya Essemlali, said. "It was malnourished and probably lasted for weeks or months. It stopped eating while it was still in the ocean." 's activity, and they noticed it was moving, albeit slowly.

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