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Leaked phone reveals a fierce exchange between Putin and Macron a few days before the Ukrainian war

Just four days before the Moscow army attacked Ukraine, Vladimirputin and Emmanuel Macron had a fierce telephone debate. Russian influential people claimed that Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky was lying. According to the bomb leak, the French president.

Details of the secret exchange between the two global leaders on February 20 are the ongoing conflict entitled "President, Europe and War," which premiered on the channel last week. Revealed in a new documentary on Macron's handling of. France 2.

As Russia gains power in preparation for a full-scale aggression in late February, Macron calls the Russian side to comment on and disseminate the escalating situation. Discussed "useful behavior". ..

Putin immediately turned the conversation to "Dear colleague Zelensky" and the Ukrainian president "lied" to Macron about his intention to carry out the Minsk agreement that was about to end the war in Donbus. I blamed him. region.

Putin then raised the issue of Zelensky's apparent refusal to negotiate with the Ukrainian separatists of the pro-Kremlin.

Macron questioned the qualifications of Putin's lawyers during a tense exchange over Russia's proposal that Ukraine negotiate with pro-Kremlin separatists.
SPUTNIK / AFP via Getty Images

Then he added: It is not due to democratically elected authorities.

Putin counterattacked his French counterpart, claiming that Zelensky's government was not democratically elected.

"They took power in a bloody coup, murdering and arsoning, and burning people alive," Putin told Macron.

Former comedian and actor Zelensky won more than 73% of the votes and was elected for the 2019 landslide victory.

As the verbal quarrel became even hotter, Macron told Putin, "I don't care about the separatist proposal," because they are outside the scope of the law.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday blasted the "unilateral leak" of the confidential phone call, calling it a breach of "diplomatic ethics."
AFP via Getty Images

After further quarrels, French leaders have a conversation. In the diplomatic trajectory that we tried to regain, we propose a meeting between all parties to the dispute. He also promised Putin to call Zelensky to "calm everyone", but he urged Russian leaders to cool the Ukrainian border.

"There was a lot of bombardment yesterday," Macron pointed out. "If we want to give an opportunity for dialogue, we need to calm things down in the area."

Putin states that his army concludes the night's military exercises. However, Russia warned that "it will definitely leave a military presence on the border until the situation in Putin settles down."

Macron urged Putin to "give no provocation of any kind" and pressured him to agree to meet President Joe Biden in Geneva within a few days, but Russia. Leaders avoid giving a specific name to a date, obscuring his brush-off with a funny stuff.

Putin then casually closed the phone by telling Macron:

Despite the guarantee to Macron that he "in principle" agreed to meet Biden to find a diplomatic solution to the brewing crisis, Putin left Ukraine the next day in the Donetsk People's Republic. Admitted the People's Republic of Luhansk.

And three days later,Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, dropping cannons on cities and towns, including Kyiv.

During a trip to Vietnam on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attacked France by disclosing the content of a confidential conversation.

"In principle, we will lead the negotiations in such a way that there is nothing shameful if you wish," the Foreign Minister said. "We are always ready to express our thoughts, answer our words and explain our position. Of course, I believe that diplomatic ethics does not allow such a one-sided leak of records. "