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Lee Zeldin calls on Kathy Hockle to "target" citizens who comply with the law in New York's gun control

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Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y. Joined "Ingraham Angle" and Governor Kathy Hochul signed a tightening of gun control. Zeldin won the governor's primary on Friday.

LEE ZELDIN: I think we need to separate law-abiding New Yorkers and criminals who want to carry firearms safely and securely just for self-defenseA person who illegally carries firearms, illegally carries, commits a crime after a crime, and wants to harm others. And because of thesystemin New York, they will be back on the street. 

New York Showdown: Person in charge. Lee Zeldin nominated for Republican Governor

Now, what they're doing in this action today in Albany is targeting law-abiding New Yorkers. There is. I don't think they make New York safer. They are reducing the security of New York. They are targeting these locations. Because, as a criminal, you know that if you want to perform one of the acts of targeting someone with an illegal firearm, you're likely to have less resistance because you only care about the person. .. For these laws passed today, we are citizens who comply with the law.

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