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Leonardo DiCaprio, Cryptocurrency Man Donates Big Money at New York Gala

Leonardo DiCaprio was unable to hide under a baseball cap while making a donation at the first ever "Moonlight Gala" in Casa Cipriani this week. ..

During the live auction, real estate developer Patrick Carroll went up to the stage and C.A.R.E. Announced that it will donate $ 1 million to make a profit. For special kids – if the audience for a fashionable event joins together accordingly.

The spy says that cryptocurrency billionaire and FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried first ponyed $ 250,000.

"When the pot reached $ 900,000, Patrick raised that amount to $ 1.5 million, so people had to keep bidding," witnesses said, with attendees bidding further. After that, DiCaprio "needs the remaining $ 50,000."

DiCaprio won the "Casachipriani Presidential Suite Station" package for $ 30,000 at the Sotheby's live auction.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Model Gigi Hadid, who was in the crowd, also participated in the next fashion In addition to an auction that provides behind-the-scenes access for the two at the Week's runway show, a personal styling session with two runway seats and her stylist Mimi Katrel.

But the biggest donations of the night, raising $ 7 million, came from Michael Cayre of the MegaMoon Museum and Roy Nachum, a renowned artist and NFT entrepreneur. Digital art and NFTs will be on display at future museums.

Mayor Eric Adams on stage at Moonlight Gala in NYC
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Nightlife with Ritchie Akiba to host the event Included were art dealers and DiCaprio companions Helly Namad and investor Patrick Finnegan, who helped and chaired.

"Gossip Girl" star Evan Mock, former police detective Bodietle, and UN Ambassador Paolo Zampori were also present.

But, of course, the New York event wouldn't be complete without the appearance ofMayor Eric Adams of party hopping. Late that night.