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Letter to the Editor — August 12, 2022

Problem: FBI Execution of Search Warrant against President Donald Trump's Florida Mansion.

Republican protests against the court-sanctioned search of former President Donald Trump's residence are ignorant at best and hypocritical at worst"Inside the Trump raid" August 10).

The Department of Justice regularly conducts searches of this sort, facilitated by affidavits (which are sealed to protect the target if no indictment is ultimately issued), and presumes Approved by a judge only if the legal basis of the cause is justified. In other words, this person is breaking or trying to break the law.

Trump knows better. he never shows it. unprecedented? Yes, but there has never been anyone quite like a more immoral and law-breaking former president.

Lou Maione

Until this political blow by Attorney General Merrick Garland and his cranky FBI Director Christopher Wray , had no intention of voting for Trump in 2024 (mainly due to his fixation on the 2020 election).

Well, not only do I vote for Trump, I put his bumper his sticker on my car. Millions of Americans join me.

It is clear that this Department of Justice and he chose the side of the FBI against the Americans.

If they are accusing Mr Trump of acting so badly, why did they allow Hillary Clinton to do even worse?

Stephen Valentini
Bonita Springs, Florida

Appointed by leader Trump himself before turning his anger on the FBI ) and the Biden administration, let's see what the FBI was after. can end.

Until the search warrant (or seized documents) is released, we should reserve our opinion on the search warrant.

Alan Swartz
Verona, New Jersey

See how the entire establishment is shamelessly outrageous. Witnessing is worth noting.

The FBI is corrupt, and so is the Justice Department. Government leaders of both parties despise the American people.

K. Lidron
Dallas, TX

The search for Mar-a-Arago haunts me. The reason.

But because of Trump's disdain for the rule of law, it was unfortunately necessary. He has repeatedly asked the Justice Department to arrest his political opponents without any evidence. To their credit, they refused and some resigned in disgust.

Therefore, I am saddened by some to call this legal investigation, ordered by a judge and approved by his FBI Director appointed by Mr. Trump, a "political witch hunt." I'm in.

Alan Podizer

To be honest, if he ran, I would I wasn't going to vote for Trump again. I don't like narcissistic people. He always said too much and destroyed himself with his mouth.

But after the attack on his Mar-a-Lago home by the FBI, I changed my mind. It just showed how Democrats run their secret agenda. The FBI did not raid the Clinton family over Hillary's deleted emails.

Trump is a narcissist and louder, but he has always defended America. Democrats fear the next election, so this is pure theatrics. If Trump runs again, I will vote for him.

Dan Foley
Port St. Lucie, Florida

The people are gone. We no longer have that government. We are in power now.

How else can you explain the FBI's cowardly raid on Trump's mansion, even though he wasn't there?

Democrats are still looking for something to hang on him. Let us all hope that the people of this country will wake up and vote against this barbaric and unsolicited attack on former and hopefully future presidents.

K. Brady
Franklin Square

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