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Letter to the Editor — August 9, 2022

Problem: Mayor Adams criticizes Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending immigrants to New York City.

How bad is it that even illegal immigrants are afraid to come to New York City ("" Dodge "City" August 8).

Mayor Adams is surprised to complain about poor communication with Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office on the bus schedule, but in the secret darkness of arriving in New York I have never blamed immigrant flights. The "special treatment plant" was also not open to the public.

This is not Abbott's political stunt. It's a real-life check to see for yourself what's happening at the border.

You're failing New Yorkers, from criminal runaways to homeless shelters and lack of treatment for the mentally ill — and more illegal immigrants than the city of New York can accommodate. ..

Pressure Governor Hokuru to put the people of New York first. This is a dying city under the control of democracy. When it changes.

Dori Harasek

Staten Island

Abbott takes illegal people across his state to DC and New York Can you blame me for sending to York? Now that this is happening, our hypocrite politicians are seeking federal help. Since these are "sanctuary" cities, they will be one and all.

The modern world has eradicated many diseases, but now people from all over the world, with or without vaccination, bring about all kinds of diseases. Where did the monkeypox suddenly come from? What's next?

New Yorkers, be careful who you vote for. You can't complain after including these professional politicians. Now is the time for change.

S. Kane, Brooklyn

Abbott's policy of sending illegal people to New York by bus is nothing short of wonderful.

Anger from Adams and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser spotlights the hypocrisy of liberal progressives.

These mayors, and many mayors of democratic cities, support an influx of unlimited migrants, but not into cities.

Robert Mangi


When Biden flew illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to New York, they Elsewhere in the middle of the night to keep silence but avoid discovery, progressive mayors Adams and Bower are now loudly complaining about similar actions taken by border state governors such as Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Duchy. Is saying.

They call this voluntary transport of migrants to the city "cruel gamemanship" and "disgusting." They fear overloading facilities in New York and DC.

In fact, overwhelming are border towns like Uvalde. Adams and Bowser need to go to Texas and Arizona to see first-hand the turmoil that Biden has created at the border and then blame the governor for trying to protect their city.

As advocates of sanctuary city policy, if they speak, they should take a walk.



Adams and Bowser's anger about immigrants by bus from Texas to their respective cities ,Hilarious. Do they understand how dishonest they sound?

They declared their city a sanctuary shelter, but now seek federal help to care for migrants. , Thousands of them.

Kevin Devlin

Milton, Massachusetts

Hey, Mayor Adams, there is a brief answer to Abbott's policy. Send hordes of illegal immigrants to the Port Authority on a chartered bus: Charter your bus and send these offenders back to Texas, preferably Austin, the capital of Abbott.

When one of Abbott's illegal immigrants commits murder or rape for the first time, the Governor of Texas should be prosecuted as an accomplice with the reckless and useless Adams.

Dennis Middlebrooks


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