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Letters to the Editor — Dec. 2, 2022

The Issue: Mike Pompeo’s offer to debate American Federation of Teachers head Randi Weingarten.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was 100% correct in his criticism of American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten as “the most dangerous person in the US” (“Randi won’t meet Mike,” Dec. 1).

With major assistance from the Biden White House, most notably First Lady Jill Biden, and CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, she sold out a whole generation of vulnerable children with her progressive policies that put lazy teachers first and the kids’ education last.

She skillfully manipulated the COVID epidemic by creating unreasonable demands and barriers to keep public schools closed while private, parochial and many charter schools kept their doors open for in-person learning.

The psychological, educational and social damage she inflicted on the students in her care is incalculable.

Anthony Scro


On the one hand, Weingarten doesn’t want to debate because she doesn’t want to be Pompeo’s “prop,” a gutless but understandable position. But on the other hand, she says it’s “fine with me” when it comes to engaging about how to “strengthen public education.” So will she or won’t she?

Imagine if the teachers she leads were as confused and confusing in the classroom. Maybe that’s the problem with public education after all.

John Sheridan

The Bronx

Under Weingarten’s stewardship as head of the AFT, schools have become venues for indoctrination.

Young children are taught about sex and molded to embrace woke ideals. It is no wonder then that young people today champion abortion and grow up confused about their sexual orientation and identity.

Much of this can be blamed on how children are being taught in schools, and Pompeo is totally correct in laying blame for all this on Weingarten.

Given her background, we know she works toward advancing a liberal agenda in American education and shaping schoolchildren to fit her politics.

Wendy Packus


In 1968, Albert Shanker, the head of the United Federation of Teachers, called a strike that would last for two agonizing months. The schools remained open and students were admitted. But inside, there was very little academic instruction.

Neither Shanker nor any of his disciples cared about the fact that New York’s kids, particularly its black and brown kids, were getting no education at all for those two months. I know this to be so because it was my second year of teaching.

While I came from a unionized family background, I always held that I’d never allow myself to seek dollars at the expense of my learners.

In all my years of service, I’ve stayed true to those beliefs — just as Weingarten has stayed true to Shankerism.

Two months in 1968 and now two years since 2020. It makes no difference. Teachers unions then and now have always been a “me first,” learners be damned” protocol.

Ken Karcinell


​After reading Pompeo’s provocative but pertinent portrayal of Weingarten as the most dangerous person in the world, I couldn’t help but recall Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner’s book, “Teaching as a Subversive Activity.”

Teaching should not be about indoctrination, but enlightenment. Wokeism and its related concepts are subverting the fundamental principles of education.

Frank Brady


Before challenging Wein­garten to a debate, Pompeo might first have considered challenging Biden’s education secretary to a debate to get answers as to why the Biden administration has turned a blind eye to our nation’s failed education system — and ask what steps Biden intends to take to remedy the situation.

Obviously, Weingarten should have been voted out of her leadership position a long time ago. But hopefully, should Pompeo win the presidency in 2024, he will do whatever is necessary to put the school unions out of business.

J.J. Crovatto

Ramsey, NJ

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