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Letter to the Editor — July 5, 2022

Problem: Douglas Murray's column claims that Donald Trump is not the best GOP candidate for 2024.

I was excited when: I saw Douglas Murray become a regular columnist in the post ("Time to Retire Contaminated Trump" July 1st). He is one of the best writers and speakers of the day.

But his column on how the GOP needs to move beyond former President Donald Trump is simply wrong.

He cites at least two statements as evidence from his recent testimony at the Kangaroo Court Trial on January 6. Still, there is evidence that at least one statement is incorrect. This does not give credibility to the statements of the remaining witnesses. Do you have more in the future?

Edward Rubinstein
Devon, Pennsylvania

Some readers describe Murray's column as brave. It may be, but in a nutshell it was realistic.

From the beginning, many of your venerable newspapers and good media knew well that Trump lost the 2020 election.

However, the former president and his obedient followers agreed with his false story that the number of votes was wrong against him, without a piece of credible evidence.

Cassidy Hutchinson's stunning testimony before the parliamentary hearing on the January 6 riots is sufficient for Republicans to rethink their path to victory in the 2024 presidential election. must.

Gerard Rosenthal

If Trump retires due to a false accusation of being polluted, he will be in 2015.

Trump is not a problem. The problem is the left-wing Democrats and the media who are lying.

The January 6th Commission is just a continuation of Senator Harry Reed's political rules. Throw a lie and see if it continues. Like a lie about Senator Mitromney's taxes in 2012. When Romney was defeated by former President Baraku Obama and asked about false accusations against Romney, Harry Reed said, "Did Romney not win?"

Douglas Murray and everyone else who believes Trump should move on doesn't understand it. They foolishly blame the wrong person and ignore the real problems of America.

John Kirkwood
Westwood, NJ

There are two overall themes for a good analysis of Murray's Trump behavior. It can be best summarized in words. : Dump Trump.

Voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020. Since that last vote, I've seen skin as thin as the once tough leader's onion. He's now a one-note bahoon — it's like you get bored quickly and seek distance as soon as possible.

If he had accepted the election, built the GOP, and worked to become the champion, his popularity was endless.

Instead, we got a whimsical little toddler focused on our needs. Trump is the definition of "his own worst enemy". His blind supporters can despise and abuse our people who can think critically and see the man for Bahoon where he is.

We all know people who were once popular but became toxic by repeating stupid thoughts. Trump is that person.

Stephen Valentini
Bonita Springs, Florida

Americans are not part of politics What happens to someone The club that witnessed directly was inaugurated.

From day one, Trump was attacked by the media. The only thing that is contaminated about Trump is how he treats the country after it has escaped from the downturn. He is only returned to silence by the enemies of the country.

Jonathan Kiddrane

Douglas Murray usually gives a good opinion, but "retires from contaminated Trump. At "when to do", I think he is quite far away.

I believe Murray's thrust into the steering wheel is ridiculous. Hutchinson wasn't in the car. She didn't see the event. The secret service agent denied it. There was no mutual examination. It is necessary to reveal the truth.

Everyone on the committee looks down on Trump. The point of the committee is not to find the truth, but to pollute Trump with rumors.

Palmer Eppler
Del Rey Beach, Florida

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