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Letter to the Editor — June 25, 2022

Problem: Overthrow of the Supreme Court of New York law restricting the carrying of hidden firearms.

I think the post editorial about disappointment with the Supreme Court's decision on hidden carrying is going in the wrong direction ("Highest Disappointment" 6 24th of March).

I used to live in New York and had a hidden carry permit. I had to take a fingerprint, give a reference, and undergo a background check before being approved.

Criminals do not obey the law. Law-abiding citizens do not endanger the streets of New York. Outlaws and timid politicians endanger the streets. Perhaps criminals think twice now that law-abiding citizens can legally carry them.

Thomas Connor
Anderson, Tennessee

In these far-right eras, the far-right people have few problems. The left and right edges match.

But, at least here in New York City, almost everyone despises the conservative-led Supreme Court overturning the state's 100-year-old gun law.

Reading Friday's editorial at The Post only confirmed my perception of this issue.

So when I say to our beloved, sweet, well-meaning, God-fearing, Republican-appointed Supreme Court judge, "Keep away from our lawn," I I think we can talk about almost all Gotamite.

Gary Stein

Criminals and sexual predators have easily spent time in our city center rice field.

They were able to act exempt from the knowledge that they had a great advantage over the victims: they have weapons and their potential victims are armed. It is very likely that you have not done so and are defenseless.

In the case of sex crimes, male perpetrators usually have a great advantage in physical fitness. This is all changing with the new Supreme Court ruling, which allows law-abiding citizens to carry weapons.

Criminals must think twice before approaching potential victims. Law-abiding citizens with weapons do not increase the amount of gun violence, but they give criminals who already have illegal guns a pause.

And Lemon Terror

On which planet is the judge? Overturning this law means flooding the streets with more people who have little or no training in the use of guns. Do they understand how many states will follow this lead and spread it like cancer?

It would be of great help if politicians pay more attention to illegal gun owners and companies that sell guns through street dealers, criminals and third parties in the hands of young people. ..

The Supreme Court of Land has opened the door to the Wild West era.

Gregory Rally
Washington DC

Bravo to the Supreme Court. Law-abiding New York City families have experienced numerous attacks and intimidations in our city. We succumbed and lost our freedom.

Currently we are not protected by handcuffed police and the judicial system. We thank the Supreme Court for enforcing our Constitution. Now not only criminals can have a gun.

Anton Row

A reckless decision to make when the number of guns available is low.

It's daunting to think of it as another item to carry with your cell phone, requiring you to carry a gun if you need it. I'm surprised that The Supremes may have come to such a decision.

Bunny Abraham

All actions are responsive. It is the basic law of physics.

After a liberal city district lawyer refuses to prosecute violent criminals and anarchies the city, the Supreme Court allows people to exercise what the natural god has given them. By doing so, he wisely supported the true meaning of Article 2 of the Amendment to the Constitution. The right to protect yourself.

Chris Triplus

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