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Litmus test: Arizona candidate Kali Lake calls the 2020 election "disqualified" for rivals who don't declare it "stolen"

Washington (CNN)Arizona Governor Republican candidate Kali Lake continues to lie about the 2020 presidential election I am. The heart of her campaign-this week I don't say the elections were stolen, but I don't say the elections were stolen, "disqualification" and "" for her rival candidates. I called it "illness".

Lake's strong achievements in the Republican primary so far arean active fraudulent proponent of conspiracy theories about the 2020 electionsin the 2024 presidential election. It means that it can play an important role in. Key swing state.
Lakesaid at a Republican debate on television Wednesdaythat Joe Biden's victory in Arizona was a limited-time Republican governor Doug Ducey {21. }Lake, endorsed by former President Donald Trumpas required by law, mistakenly said Biden's. Stay in the White House.
Arizona Governor's recognition of presidential election results is "traditionally safe and should be"Election law expert and Associate Professor of Law at Arizona State University Professor Joshua Sellerssaid. By email on Friday-a "functional" act that requires confirmation of the results of the state popularity poll. "It would be very confusing for the governor to prevent certification based solely on her own views or disappointments about the outcome of the presidential election," the seller said.
Secretary of State Katie Hobbes, Secretary of State of Arizona, is overwhelmingly popular in the Democratic Governor's primary. Arizona elected the Governor of the Republican Party in three consecutive elections dating back to 2010. Biden's2020 victory in the statewas the first victory for the Democratic presidential candidate since 1996.

Local fox stationFormer news anchor Lake

has fired a barrage of false election claims. "" And "damaged" repeatedly falsely claimed in Wednesday's debate that the 2020 election was "stolen."
As possible evidence, Lakecitedas a "court audit." The Republican-led Partisan Reviewwas described as an audit by supporters, but the problem hurtthat Biden defeated Trump in Arizona's most populous county. 52} Confirmed.
Lake alsodefended the right-wing movie about the 2020 elections. In this movie, even after the debate,is filled withlogic and evidenceholes. The moderator said former Attorney General William Barr, appointed by Trump, ridiculedin the movie. And Lake mistakenly said, the 34,000 Arizona ballots were "counted two, three, or four times,", but this simply didn't happen. (It's clear whether Lake is referring to a long-standing false claim about a duplicate of a ballot containing afully benign description, or is talking about something else. It wasn't.)
Lakehandsto the other three candidates on stage if they agree that the election has been corrupted and stolen. I was asked to list it. When only her top rival developerKarrinTaylor Robsondidn't, Robson said he wouldn't participate in Lake's "stunts"-Lake's Twitter account refused Robson "Disqualification"Lake's account posted a replacement video again on Friday, this time calling Robson's refusal"Illness"

In other words, in the major offices One major candidate is bashing another Candidate who refuses to join her to defend a lie.

Lake's campaign refused to make substantive comments on this article. When asked for information to support Lake's false allegations that ballots were counted up to four times, the adviser simply mocked CNN.

Robson did not say whether he approved the 2020 elections

Robson was endorsed by party voters and recent public opinion The poll seems to have narrowed Lake's lead. Robson was boosted this week when third-place candidate Matt Salmondropped out and supported her
unlike LakeSaidin that debate. The 2020 election is today's "top problem," and Robson does not make the 2020 election the most important part of this election. And Robson has barely gone to the rake by despising the 2020 elections.
But Robson also disagrees with his legitimacy. She saidwasat the debate: "I think our election was absolutely unfair."
Robson,was in Byden Assuming damaging news media oppression, anti-conservative prejudice by "Big Tech" and "Liberal Judges" who allowed the imposition of new policies just before the election (this is Covid-19's pandemic) Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, hasand has donatedto local election offices nationwide for a total of hundreds of millions of dollars.
When Robson was asked if he would certify Arizona's 2020 results as governor, she wouldn't answer directly, saying she was "not involved" in the information that Ducey had at the time. Please.

Hobbes campaign manager Nicole Demont complains about the 2020 elections, despite "Arizonas are tired of being teased on late-night television." He criticized both Lake and Hobbes.

"Trump-approved f-rontrunner Calilake was the biggest supporter of big lies from day one, but now Carlin Taylor Robson also supports those conspiracy theories to catch up with polls. "We are," DeMont said in an email. She said Hobbes has promised to fight for a policy that "Arizonas really care" about issues such as school, water and affordability.

The primary election date is August 2. Early votingstarts on Wednesday