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Liz Cheney's no-compromise speech

Fierce Trump Critic Says She's Not Going Off Stage

Liz Cheney delivers her concession speech.

About why they fought, some professing power. Ted Kennedy memorablely ended his speech at the 1980 convention—a lengthy reading of liberal visions—by saying: For all those who care about us, the work continues, the cause endures, the hope still lives, the dream never dies. ''

Some offer humor. When Dick his tuck lost in the 1966 California Senate election, he declared: (Rep. Mo Udall rented this line in 1976.)

Some people grudgingly admit loss rather than a touch of anger. Stacey Abrams said flatly in 2018, denouncing the "corrupt and deceptive" electoral system. As a woman of conscience and conviction, I cannot accept that.

And at times, little unbridled resentment emerges. Most famously, after Richard Nixon lost his 1962 gubernatorial race, he told reporters, "Don't kick Nixon out anymore."

But "concession" speeches like Cheney's tonight are rarely seen. (Polls show she had been badly defeated for months, so she had plenty of time to prepare her remarks.

Slightly similar The only concession speech that comes to mind is when Senator Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary in 2006 to Ned Lamont (now Governor of Connecticut) because of the Iraq War.

Far from conceding, Lieberman said, "In the second half, our team, Team Connecticut, will surge to victory."

The pitch worked: That November, Lieberman defeated Lamont by 10 points.Less than two years later, he was in the Republican convention. and endorsed John McCain.

Of course, Cheney wants a much bigger game than trying to keep his seat. Kowski's goal, and he has the advantage of the new primary process, which benefits appeals to the Center.) With the entire national political machine focused on the Wyoming primary, Cheney has made her intentions clear.

"Kingdom of God" — Jackson Hill (chosen with the help of news producer James Godson, who helped shape the January 6 Telegenic Hearings) (place) — Cheney started saying: From above.”

“Two years ago, I won this primary with 73 percent of the vote. could have easily done the same thing all over again. The path was clear." But that meant following Donald Trump's lies about the election, adding, "That's a path I wouldn't take," she said.

Then she "turned the page."

"This primary is over," she said firmly, "but now comes the real work."

The work is rooted in fighting "conspiracies and lies" about the 2020 election, she claimed. She pointed out (if not by name) Republican candidates for governor, secretary of state, and other offices. They baselessly claimed that the election was stolen, and some promised to revoke the certification of the previous election. She accused Trump of revealing the name of the FBI agent who executed the warrant to search his office.If violence did occur, she said it would effectively fall into the hands of Donald Trump.

And after spending so much time on the history of the Civil War, perhaps to remind audiences how high the stakes are for the Republic for the first Republican president to have fought the war, she Future Political Engagement: Will “do whatever it takes” to deny President Trump a return to the Oval Office.

There will be endless speculation as to what that means. The 2024 primaries against Trump (even the first and second blushes look like very wasted gestures). independent running. (She noted that "Abraham Lincoln lost the Senate and House elections before he won the most important elections.")

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