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Liz Cheney says 'the battle has begun' ahead of Republican primary loss

Cheney tries to hold out in Trump-formed primaries

CBS News predicts that Harriet Hedgeman will defeat Rep. Liz Cheney in the Republican primary for Wyoming's General House seat on Tuesday night. But ahead of her expected loss, Cheney suggested she was just getting started. 

Shortly after voting in Jackson, Wyoming, Cheney told her CBS News' Robert Her Costa: , we are facing a moment when democracy is truly under attack and threatened.

"I am very proud of all the work I have done with the people of Wyoming over the past six years. Nothing is more important than upholding our Constitution." I really understand and recognize," she said. 

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— Robert Costa (@costareports) August 16, 2022

Former President Donald Trump Endorses Haigman, Since Cheney later voted to impeach him, he has been heavily involved in his efforts against Cheney. January 6 attack on the US Capitol. Since the attack, her famous denunciations of Trump and his supporters, and her leadership role on the House Select Committee on Jan. 6, have only added to that animosity. 

"Liz Cheney urges hardworking and incredibly enthusiastic MAGA and MAGA supporters to defend the national security state and the law." “The false narrative being promoted by Liz Cheney is a testament to their support for free speech,” Trump said at a rally in Casper, Wyoming, in May. It was the radical left pretext for all-out war: the persecution of political prisoners on January 6.”

Hageman is a long-time lawyer from Wyoming who has litigated against environmental regulation. We are proud of 

Hageman has made anti-Trump rhetoric in the past and endorsed Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in the 2016 Republican primary. She came in third in her 2018 Republican primary and had previously endorsed Cheney and called her a friend. But she feels Cheney "betrayed Wyoming" through her impeachment vote.

His presence in the primary caused a sharp shift from Wyoming Republicans to Cheney. At the national level, the Republican National Committee took similar action Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois also voted to impeach Trump, 6 January. joined the House Committee.

His seven of the House Republicans who voted for Trump's impeachment will not return to Congress. Kinzinger, Ohio's Anthony Gonzalez, New York's John Catko and Michigan's Fred Upton have retired, leaving Tom Rice of South Carolina, Peter Meyer of Michigan and Jamie of Washington. Herrera Beutler lost the primary.

Two advanced to his November general election: David Valadao of California and Dan Newhouse of Washington. 

The former president's antipathy for Cheney also made her a House Republican leader, turning her House Republicans against her. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who led efforts to oust Cheney from his role as House Republican leader. House Republican meetings usually backed incumbents, but instead backed Hageman and even raised fundsMore than 50 House Republicans were in attendance for her this spring. 

Longtime Wyoming Republican activist April Polley, who worked with another primary candidate, Sen. I should have kept myself out of the fight," he said.  

"There was no need for him to come here and teach everyone how to vote. I somehow feel unfaithful to him when I don't vote as he says. ' said Pauly. 

Hageman acknowledged endorsements from Trump and McCarthy, but her closing campaign ad claimed that the race was not just for them and Cheney. It's not just something. 

"Our current representatives are not from Wyoming and are not represented on our behalf. Because we want to take responsibility for dealing with it," Hageman said. At the Republican Women's Event in Natrona County on Aug. 3. She said at the same eventthat she believed the 2020 elections were "rigged."

A poll by the University of Wyoming's Wyoming Survey & Center for Analytics found that 48.6% of prospective Republican primary voters It turns out that it believes there is "hard evidence" that it is widespread. Fraud in the 2020 election. 

In 2020, Cheney and Trump both got just under 70% of the vote for him. Multiple lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results have been lost in court,and there was no credible evidence of the widespread fraud that changed the297}

Cheney has not shied away from her role on the Commission or her fight against Trump's baseless allegations that the 2020 election was stolen in her campaign ads. In one ad, she focused on key opponents questioning the legitimacy of her 2020 presidential election during the debate. 

In another, her father and former Vice President Dick Cheney, who had represented the state in Congress for ten years, was directly facing the camera. In a speech, he said Trump was a "threat." Country. He said Trump "tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to stay in power after voters rejected him."

In a closing message, Liz Cheney revealed that she continues to focus on Trump: "The lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is insidious. It's the Door: Donald Trump manipulates Americans into abandoning their principles, sacrificing their freedoms, justifying violence, and ignoring our court rulings and the rule of law. ``I don't think she's changed. 

Cheney raised over $15.1 million in this cycle, compared withHageman's $4.1 millionin funding. Has an edge over Hageman. AdImpact data shows that she's been in groups like her Wyoming Values ​​PAC and Club for Growth Action, which have kept pace with Cheney's advertising spend. 

Yet,independentand internal polls show Hageman leading Cheney by nearly 30 points, more than expected. Some say it can have harsh consequences.

"I would expect her to get her 30% of the vote. That might be an understatement, but I wouldn't be surprised," Pauley said. rice field.

Cheney won nearly 40% of the vote in her first primary of 2016. There were nine other Republicans of hers on her vote. Of her five other candidates on the ballot in this election, only Cheney and Hageman consistently received more than double-digit votes for her. 

Professor Andrew Garner of the University of Wyoming notes that public opinion polls in the state are unpredictable, in part due to Wyoming's laws allowing voters to switch parties on the day of the primary election. warned that it represents possible competition. 

Garner and others argue that while state law quirkiness has not had a dramatic impact on past Wyoming primary Republicans change .

"Accurate polling in statewide contests is already difficult.The primaries in smaller states are even more difficult," Garner said. "A lot depends a lot on how many Democrats vote for Cheney.  If only a few show up, Hageman is likely to win by a large margin."

Cheney's Campaigns and other organizations have suggested Democrats and other non-Republican registered voters have the opportunity to change parties and vote for her.

And it seems to work. Registered Republicans gained her 11,495 voters, while registered Democrats lost about 6,000 voters, according to Wyoming voter registration numbers for January and her August. According to the Casper-Star Tribune, this is a time of significant change compared to other midterm elections. 

The number of voters registered as “independent” decreased by about 1,575, while the total number of registered voters increased by about 4,000. 

After several death threats, Cheney, who had to ensure her safety, was forced to make several small trips to the House at her party during the final week of her race. Intimate campaigns are held for her events. 

Natronal County Republican Commissioner Joseph McGinley, a Cheney supporter, said at an event in Casper in July that congressmen were actually Trump and Jan. 6. He said he didn't mention the day's committee. 

"If people ask, she will talk about Trump. She will talk about committees, but she won't bury it in her speech." McGinley said. 

McGinley does not believe polls showing heavy support for Hegemann, but believes that the more populated and moderately populated areas of the state will vote for Cheney. said there is. Third-term member of the House of Representatives. 

"Her challenger is endorsed by President Trump, and [she] has a lot of support from militants in the state. [Hagemann] has a solid campaign here." are doing," he said. "But again, when you look at the number of crossover votes, this is different from previous elections."

Cheney rose to national prominence through her crusade against the former president.not closing the door to the 2024 presidential electionwas just 2% in a recentMorning Consult pollon the 2024 primary.

"I think it's too early to know what the 2024 primary will look like," Garner said. “It may sound like a cop, but think about how much the political landscape has changed in the last two months. They may differ."   

Musadiq Bidar contributed to this report.

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