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Logan Paul signs contract back to WWE

Logan Paul is back — and he's aiming at Mizu. 

Paul signed a formal contract with WWE during his visit to WWE headquarters on Thursday afternoon. 

"See, I just signed the WWE contract," Paul said in a videoposted on the WWE website. "It's a big deal, but after all, it's my contract, so I'll add a bit here. Don't look."

Paul started writing "Coming 4U @ MIZ" on the back of the contract. , Keeped a fresh write for the camera. 

"Yes, you are reading that right," Paul addressed Mizu. "Assuming you can read. I'm coming for you." 

Paul, who signed a WWE contract Thursday, has his sights set on The Miz.
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The Miz
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Paul's signature is approaching the end of July It will be held at the upcoming "Summer Slam". Initial rumors were that Paul would team up with Mizu for the title of the tag team, but after Mizu beat Mysterios and turned him on at WrestleMania 38, Paul probably took revenge. Seems to be looking for.

Paul made his WWE debut in April 2021 in a role other than wrestling and was a high school-decorated wrestler at Westlake High School.