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Look of the Week: Did Kylie Jenner Introduce Another Famous Kylie?

By Megan C. Hills, CNN

of the Week" was the most talked-about It is a regular series that introduces the costumes that have become.

Kylie Jenner channeled disco ball and her one more famous Kylie, singer Kylie Minogueall at once to make her top strong claim to glamorous parties. did
The reality star took her date night outfit to the next level on Tuesday, complete with a cowl neck and a striking hood before a night out with boyfriend Travis Scott. She wore a glittery chain mesh top. She completed the look with patchwork pants, a miniature bag and heels, while the video posted to Instagram showed the top holding it in place.

This outfit looked a lot like the top from designer Paco Rabanne's Fall/Winter 1997/98 collection, so it's a Kardashian look. It could be part of quite a few of the Jenner family's archival fashion collections. (Rabanne's signature shimmering chain mesh was a giveaway.

Kylie Jenner posted a photograph of her new outfit to Instagram, wearing a silver chainmail mesh hood.

Kylie Jenner wore a new look in a silver chainmail mesh hood. Posted a photo of the outfit on Instagram: Credits: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

In 2001, Australian pop star Minogue , famous for wearing a hooded white jumpsuit in the music video.Unlike Jenner's chainmail outfit for "You Can't Get Out of Your Head," Minogue's outfit was designed by designer Fee Dolan (as Mrs. Jones). (also known as They butted heads in a trademark battle dating back to 2015. Minogue, who sold products under the "Kylie" brand before Jenner, was legally trademarked Jenner's 2015 name. The filing was contested.
Minogue revealed that the two had "reached an agreement," but Jenner never publicly addressed the legal dispute. Appearing on comedian Andy Cohen's late-night show, she said, "I've been [43] my whole life [44] defending my brand and building my brand, so it was something I had to do."
Kylie Minogue wearing a cowled hooded outfit in her music video "Can't Get You Outta My Head."

Kylie Minogue wears a hooded outfit in the music video "Can't Get You Outta My Head."Credits: Kylie Minogue/YouTube

Jenner asked if she was aware of the similarities between the hooded outfit and Minogue's outfit. We haven't confirmed. In fact, she's completely paying homage to another singer, and has been singing Beyoncé's new song. Posting the look on Instagram along with her reference to one, "Alien Superstar," Jenner sang along to the footage as Jenner glowed for the camera and swaggered down her hallway. lyrics flowed.

In fact, Beyonce also opted for a glittery hooded outfit and a black hooded leotard with a cowl at this week's Renaissance album launch party. } .

Perhaps the similarities aren't homages, but signs of upcoming trends.