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'Love Island USA': Sydney and Isaiah's romance threatened by new girl Phoebe

New Islanders means the new drama of "Love Island USA".

After six women infiltrate Casa her Amor, Isaiah her Campbell's head seems to be rapidly turned on brunette bombshell Phoebe her Siegel.

"I just want a chance with you," Siegel tells Campbell in an exclusive Page 6 preview of tonight's shocking episode.  

While keeping Campbell away from her ex-partner Sydney Pate and grazing her handsome model's sculpted abs with her hand, Siegel: is added as '' 

Campbell then suggests that her chemistry with Siegel could ignite a romance with Pate. 

Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell on "Love Island USA" with an inset of Isaiah kissing Phoebe Siegel
Casey Durkin/Peacock

I don't know why," he said. talk to "And I'm trying to understand why," Seigel asks, unable to contain her physical attraction to Campbell.

Almost immediately, the pair begin her sultry make-up session. 

Phoebe Siegel and Isaiah Campbell on "Love Island USA"

Meanwhile, back at the villa, Pate sees her friend's Tell Zeta Morrison: She is ready to take her relationship with Campbell to the next level. Can I date you? Campbell is making out with another girl at Casa Amor 

"Dating? Are you going to make him your boyfriend?!" Morrison asked, clearly thrilled at the prospect of Pate and Campbell making things official. 

Sydney Paight on "Love Island USA"

Then why is the red-haired beauty ready to commit? I will explain how it is done. "It's like my heart, I can feel the radiation," she gushes. 53} Pate and Campbell have had their fair share of ups and downs on Love Island USA, but their journey has been an intoxicating mix of passion and jealousy.

In an exclusive interview with Page 6, recent cast-offs Serenity Springs and Andy Voyen said that Pate and Campbell probably won the title of "America's Favorite Couple" and the accompanying We shared our thoughts on winning the $100,000 prize. 

Phoebe Siegel and Isaiah Campbell on "Love Island USA"
Casey Durkin/Peacock

! ' Springs explained with a laugh. "I'm not really sure if I can stand it, but when you put a redhead and a guy with a dangling earring together, it happens. It's a toxic scream."

She elaborated. did.

Boyen expressed her concern for Pate and Campbell. 

Isaiah Campbell and Sydney Paight on "Love Island USA"
Casey Durkin/Peacock

Might hurt Sidney and Isaiah's relationship a bit. Look at other possibilities that aren't there,' he told us.

Hosted by Sarah Hyland, "Love Island USA" is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes air Tuesday through Sunday at 9pm. E.T.