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Macy Gray tells Piers Morgan: "She doesn't become a woman just because she changed parts of her body."

Singer Macy Graciegets caught up in transgender debate and tells Piers Morgan that she has "boobs" to be a woman. "Vagina."

"Replacement of parts does not mean that you will be a woman," Kruner told Morgan in a TalkTV program.

Hosts have observed that they are often wary of public figures being candid on controversial issues, fearing repulsion.

Gray, 54, agreed and defined a woman as a "human with boobs."

"Why don't you start there," she said. "And I have a vagina."

Macy Gray, Piers Morgan

The singer revealed that he upheld transgender rights, but drew a line in athletics.

"If you want me to call you'she', I will," she said. "That's what you want, but just because I call you" her "and because you have surgery doesn't make you a woman. ..

She also threwsupport behind the author J.K. Rollinghas been criticizedfor her candid views on transgender issues.

"I don't think she should be called transphobia just because she disagrees ..." she said. "People have a lot of judgment and stones just to say what it is. Do you understand?"

According to Gray, being a woman requires more than medical treatment. did.

"Women have a completely unique experience and surgery, but when she finds herself, it doesn't change," she said. "Being a little girl is like a magnificent book, isn't it? Just because you want to be a woman, you can't do that."