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Serious crime continues to soar in New York City, up 36% this year: new police data

According to the latest NYPD statistics,serious crimehas increased 36% so far this year. However, both shootings and homicides decreased by about 10%. Sunday now.

"Politicians will say 'Murder is down!' and ignore everything else," said John, a former NYPD sergeant and Manhattan adjunct at the Jay College of Criminal Justice. Professor Joseph Jacarone said.

"Meanwhile, everything else sucks."

During the same There was a 42% increase from 5,589 to 7,939, and robberies increased by 39.8% from 7,366 to 10,294. data show.

Statistics show that rapes increased by 10% from 892 to 989 and violent assaults increased by 19.5% from 13,086 to 15,640.

Meanwhile, the number of homicides decreased by 8.1% from 284 to 261, the number of shootings decreased by 7.4% from 1,101 to 1,020, and the number of shootings decreased from 938 to 843. decreased by 10.1%. Data from the New York City Police Department.

"Usually in these very hot months it ends up being more violent," he said Giacologne. "Maybe it was too hot. But everything else is gone."

NYPD investigate shooting scene in Brooklyn
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He noted an increase in shootings and homicides in 2021. Not worthy of attention.

Data show that the number of murders so far this year has increased by 2% over the same period two years ago, and by 48.5% over the same period five years ago. . The number of shooting victims and incidents also increased by over these periods. 

"We've probably lost 20 years of his crime reduction. It's a real shame," he said Giacalone. "All the years of hard work of the police department were all gone in one year."

The number of murders dropped 8.1% and the number of people shot went down 7.4% so far this year, according to the NYPD figures.
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A police officer with more than 20 years of service said of current benefits: It may be deleted by the department.

"Wait a minute," said the policeman. "They're letting the bad guys go home. It doesn't affect their actions."