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The majority of Americans believe that the federal government is hurting middle-class families: polls

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The percentage of Americans who say they are financially struggling last year, according to a new national poll that also shows thatinflation and gas pricesare at the top of the list. It has increased by two digits from. Of the problems faced by national families.

A majority asked in a poll at the University of Monmouth said federal actions hurt them andPresident Joe Biden's policiesdid not help the middle class. I am.

42% said they were having a hard time maintaining their financial position. This is an 18-point surge from last year, the highest level since Monmouth University began asking the question five years ago. Polls have spotlighted that the increase is coming "overall quite a bit when investigating major demographic groups, including income, race, and factions."

Inflation is the number one concern for one-third of those surveyed, with gas prices at 15%, economies generally at 9%, and 6% having the largest daily invoice payments. It states that it is a concern. 

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Gas station prices in New Jersey remain extremely high. (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)

New Jersey gas stations remain very expensive. (Megan Myers / Fox News Digital)(Fox News )

57% — Highest ever in Monmouth polling — is the last 6? Monthlyfederal governmentactions hurt families with respect to their greatest concern. Only 8% said Washington's actions helped them, and 3 in 10 said they had no real impact. 

Polls also showed that 54% said the middle class did not benefit from presidential policy, up sharply from 36% last year. 

"As you can imagine, financial concerns tend to rise to the top of the list of family concerns, but the peculiar effects of inflation are now really back home. And most Americans are blaming Washington for their current pain. "

Abortions registered at less than 1% in the 2015 Monmouth polls were ranked at 5%. The investigation received last month's opinion that a conservative majority of theSupreme Court overturned the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade ruling that sent the legalized abortion flammability issue back to the state. Was carried out.

Following the Supreme Court's seismic ruling, use miscarriage ads to destroy flood air

Presidential status in the investigation Approves the work that Biden is doing at the White House, which remains well underwater at 36%, and 58% disapproves. Only 10% of those asked said the country is heading in the right direction. This is the lowest ever in a Monmouth poll.

However, polls show that there is disagreement over whether the public prefers Republicans or Democrats under parliamentary control. The Democratic Party defends a very thin majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate in the November midterm elections.

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"In economic conditions, Americans are in a bad mood. They're not happy. Washington. But that doesn't change the big picture of who they want to rule Congress. The problem is the one who actually appears to vote in the fall, "Murray said. ..

The Monmouth University pollwas conducted from June 23 to 27 and asked 978 adults nationwide. The overall sampling error of the survey is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Paul Steinhauser is a New Hampshire-based political reporter.