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The guy wants $ 2 million in Bitcoin for his New York pad-"I believe in crypto"

Manhattan Millennial sells about $ 2 million in Columbus Circle condominiums for Bitcoin or Ethereum instead of cashCrater Cryptois doubled.

"I know the market is collapsing, but I believe in cryptocurrencies," said Ronen Segev, who is paddling a fancy pad — 2 bedroom, 7th floor condominium 340 West 57th Street — $ 1.8 million.

Segev sells used Steinwaysthrough his companyParkAvenue Pianosbyand sells an apartment for $ 1,025,000 from foreclosure during  I bought it. The financial crisis of 2009, then was sunk by 500,000 people and repaired.

But over the last 18 months, his portfolio has been hit by a plunge in the price of digital ducat. Segev's Retirement Investment in Cryptographic Link Security Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Corp recorded a six-digit blockbuster after making a big bet on the fund in late 2020.

"The loss is almost $ 1 million," he said. "So now my goal is to double that loss." 

Segev, 42, believes crypto serves a "basic human need" and will rebound. "I'm bullish long-term," he said
NY Post Emmy Park

(Cryptographic currency has fallen by more than50% of this year's value, about 70% from November.)

Have someone pay for Crib If so, Segev, 42, will put the proceeds into a short-term fund. For his immediate needs.

"I think it's the best time to get into Bitcoin," he said. "I'm bullish in the long run."

He said he was confident that he had a "basic human need" for cryptography.

Segev spent about $500,000 renovating his West 57th Street digs, using bamboo in the kitchen and dining area and creating a "breakfast bar" for himself and guests.
Segev uses bamboo in the kitchen and dining areas to create a "breakfast bar" for himself and his guests, West 57th Avenue. The bargain was refurbished for about $ 500,000.

"I buy a piano in China and experience so many hoops to convert yuan to dollars. The same is true in Europe. Everyone has a universal currency. It makes sense to be part of it. "

" Ethereum network I think is similar to the Internet — a fast-growing technology. Google has been more and more painful, It served a very useful purpose and prospered. "

Segev had previously benefited greatly from Bitcoin.

In 2019, buyers will buy one of their pianos with Bitcoin and Ethereum and combine those coins with the money in their savings account to buy $ 1 million in two currencies. I got it.

The apartment's 30-foot-by-20-foot great room is big enough for Segev to have hosted piano concerts for crowds as large as 90 people.
Dolly Segev

"Then a pandemic hit," he said. "And my 1 million have grown to 2 million." 

So he gave out cash and spent the entire amount on buying an apartment in Paris-again from foreclosure. Said. The $ 2 million home in the center of the city is now worth about $ 3 million, says Segev of , who owns a beachfront spread in Miami.

"This is one of the most dangerous things I've ever done," he said.

Meanwhile, his New York condominium has a colorful history. 

Segev admitted he's lost around $1 million as crypto has dropped in value.
NY Post Emmy Park

Part 30ft x 20-Foot Great Room He said Segef was big enough to hold a piano concert for as many as 90 spectators.

"Everyone can see the performers and don't feel crowded," says compass broker John Tubette, who sold the apartment and attended a music event at the unit. I did. "The space is very comfortable and cozy."

But before he set foot in the apartment, Segef painted Erotica and owned a house, but lost it to the bank. Had to kick out the house, and records crouching there for 6 years according to banks and courts.  

"I realized that I had to deal with taking her out and bought her invisible through" He said.

"I finally saw the apartment and she moved her bed to the breakfast / kitchen area — I think she liked breakfast in bed. The bedroom is her erotic art. It was the office where I went. "