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Manhunt in progress after the deadly Illinois parade shooting on July 4th

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Witnesses said they noticed a shooting after seeing a man with a head injury. Masu

CNN Liam to Rayleigh

Jeffreon, attendee of the 4th of the Highland Park in the July Parade, said, "Big It sounded like a series of bombs ringing in a metal trash can. " When he was sitting opposite the Blue Mercury Store.  

Leon said he probably heard 20 to 30 pops before turning to the right and seeing police movements and people falling. At that time, he and his wife took off.

Leon and his wife attended the parade because a 14-year-old twin boy was marching with a high school football team, but when the shooting happened, the boy still got off the parade route. I didn't. I told CNN's Victor Blackwell. 

"We were trying to get them," Leon explained. "This kind of duck and skin, about 10 minutes after the duck and skin, people were quietly walking away. Scene."

Leon and his wife said, "In the temple. Along the right side of the upper head, he said he saw a man who was apparently injured by a very deep duck grazing. The firecrackers and fireworks went out, but it was actually a shooting.  

Leon said shootings in the Highland Park community in Illinois were "unthinkable."

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Highland Park airspace is currently restricted

From CNN's Petomuntian

The Federal Aviation Administration hasbanned aircraftflying over Highland Park, Illinois, as authorities continue to search for shooters.

The temporary flight limit of 5 miles is valid up to 3,000 feet above the ground, except for "rescue aircraft" under the command of the Highland Park Police Department.

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According to witnesses, parade participants initially thought the bullets were fireworks

From Eric Levenson on CNN Adrienne Broaddus, ShawnNottingham and BrynnGingras


Zoe Pawelczak, who attended the Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois with his father,many parade participants initiallypop. The parade said he thought it was fireworks on that occasion.

"And I thought something was wrong. I grabbed her father and started running. Suddenly everyone behind me started running," she said. "I probably looked back 20 feet away from me. I saw the girl shot and killed," she said.

Pawelczak and her father hid behind a trash can for about an hour before police moved them to a sporting goods store, and then finally brought them back to the car, she said. Said. She said she saw one person shot in her ears and bleeding all over her face, and another girl shot in her feet.

"It looked like a battle zone, and I hate it. I really hate it," she said.

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Parade shootings have at least 308 mass shootings in the United States this year, according to data from non-profit organizations. Recording 

CNN's Eric Levenson, Adrienne Broaddus, ShawnNottingham and BrynnGingras

Chairs and bicycles lie abandoned after people fled the scene of a shooting at a July 4th celebration and parade in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4.
Chairs and bicycles were abandoned after people fled the scene of the shootings at the celebration on July 4th and paraded in Highland Park, Illinois on July 4th. (Tannen Maury / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock)

Mass shootings in Highland Park, Illinois are a non-profit organization tracking such incidents  { According to data compiled by the 95} Gun Violence Archive, we have recorded at least 308 mass shootings in the United States this year.

The organization defines mass shootings as shootings of four or more people, not including the shooter.

In Richmond, Virginia, there were 11 mass shootings during the first four days of July, including three on July 4 alone. Chicago and Highland Park, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Massacre interrupts already bloody American spring and summer, including 18-year-old racist attacks in New York supermarkets killed 10 and another 18-a 1-year-old shot at a school in Texas , killing 19 students and 2 teachers. ..

Following these massacres, President Biden signed a major federal gun safety law for the first time in decades just nine days ago, one of Washington's most controversial policy issues. Showed a big bipartisan breakthrough.

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President Biden hastened federal law enforcement agencies to assist in an "emergency search" for shooters.

From CNN DJ Judd

President Biden said Monday at the July 4th paradein Highland Park, Illinois. At least six people were killed and dozens were injured in response to the shooting. He and his first lady, Jill Biden, were "shocked by the meaningless gun violence that once again brought sadness to the American community on this Independence Day." 

He said he had surged federal law enforcement agencies to "support the emergency search for shooters."

"I talked to Governor Pritzker and Mayor Rotelling and provided their community with full federal support. I also hurried to federal law enforcement agencies. , Helped urgently search for the shooters who are currently in large numbers, "Biden said in a statement. “People in the community should follow the guidance of field leaders. I will keep an eye on them as they learn more about those who have died and pray for those who are seriously injured in the hospital. " 

In a statement Monday, the president advertised a law signed last week to combat domestic gun violence," including life-saving actions. " "I admitted a lot. I have more to do."

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Searching for social media in search of parade threats

From Joe Sutton of CNN

Investigators are now searching social media and high this morning We are investigating online for threats and clues regarding the shootings at Landpark.  

Lake County's Major Criminal Task Force Chris Koveli said there were no threats he was aware of, but "certainly investigators are on social media. I'm checking to see if it's there. Clues and information that can be found through social media that may be useful in the investigation. " 

Coveli sees him where the suspect is. Said it made it difficult.

He said, "All the signs are that he was cautious. He was very difficult to see." 162} Firearms recovered at Highland Park after the shooting from Mark Morales on CNN

are urgently tracked to figure out who bought the weapon and where it came from. I am. , A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Investigators currently on the scene are trying to determine the life of the weapon and how it passed to the shooter, Nerheim said. Includes serial number tracking, manufacturer contact, and last legitimate owner verification of the weapon.

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Official: A "powerful rifle" was used, as shooters targeted spectators and parade participants

Lake Coun General Chris Coveli said a "powerful rifle" was used during the highland park parade shooting. ..

"I'm telling you that was a powerful rifle. I can't elaborate on just yet. I'll publish that information as soon as possible 258} We are criminal investigations, where can  pay close attention if we do not want to provide too much external information.} Our It has a negative impact on criminal behavior. "

Cmdr. Chris O'Neil said evidence of firearms is on the roof of a "secured nearby company."

Covelli said the majority of the victims killed during the shooting died on the scene.

"Some of the dead victims died on the scene, and one of them was taken to a hospital in the area , where they seem to have died." He said.

Covelli added that spectators and parade participants seemed to be targeted.

"In a very sad situation , the audience is targeted and it sounds like is marching. The parade is about 4 minutes. It was 3.Very random in the middle of the shooting. Very intentional. And a very sad day, "he said.
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Police continue to search for suspected gunmen in Highland Park, so the investigation is " It remains very active. ”

Law enforcement search a building after a shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day parade in Illinois on July 4.
Shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day parade on July 4th in Illinois. Later, law enforcement agencies searched the building. (Nam Y. Huh / AP)

Sgt. Chris Koveli, Lake County's Major Crime Task Force, said the investigation is still active and law enforcement officers are working to find the alleged shooter and find out what happened. He said he was active for a while.

"This time it is bifurcated at . First, we are actively looking for the individual who is in charge of this shooting  . Second, there is a criminal investigation that is happening at the same time, "he said.

"This is very active and will remain very active in the future," Covelli said. He added.

He said police are working with the FBI and there are more than 100 law enforcement officers on the scene. He urged people to look through their phones and see if they had photos or videos from the time the shoot began. He said that any material could help the police.

Understand that cannot provide a particular aspect of the investigation . I don't want to have a negative impact. Arrest the criminal and take responsibility for . I want to let him do his action, "Coveli said at a press conference on Monday.

Cmdr. Highland Park police Chris O'Neil said the rifle found was found on the roof. Earlier Monday, officials said they could not specifically disclose where the rifle was found. Police say they believe the shooters appeared to have fired from the roof.