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Massapequa's Joey Lionetti prepares for star turn at Williamsport

Most 12-year-olds head to Williamsport trying to make a name for themselves for the first time. But Joey Lionetti is an ace pitcher for the Massapeka Coast who already has star status after going no-hitter for his series Little League Worlds to secure MCLL's first trip to Williamsport. won.

Last Friday's do-or-die match against mighty Tom's River East in the Metro Championship — one Lionetti said he never thought he'd reach — was big growth for the humble A middle school student on Long Island. Lionetti realized what was possible to play some of the most exhilarating baseball of his life.

"Because I know Toms River was a great team. If they got to [Williamsport], maybe they would have been one of the better teams," said Rio. Nettie told The Post. "So we know it's the same for any team here." Robert Sabo/New York Post

Lionetti and his Massapequa miracle bundle. On Friday (7 p.m., ESPN), Massapequa manager Rowland said he hopes Clark will win again as he prepares to face Honolulu, the 2018 LLWS champion.

Lionetti was perfect during the Yankees broadcast He was the game He was the pitcher David He was the Cohn and Scott of the Islanders , said he was ready to roar again on the mound.

"Obviously not [the team I want to play against]. Get them out of the game and start wasting pitchers for them and we'll be fine.

Reaching the LLWS cost South Shore excellence. Prior to the round turmoil, Lionetti was supposed to be in Cary, N.C., for a final tryout with Team USA this week, his father, Joey Lionetti Sr., told The Post.

“They said they weren't going to hold it against him next year. has already made three cuts," said Lionetti Sr., who raised Joey as a stay-at-home mom.

The overwhelmingly proud parent then spoke of how baseball brought the extraordinary relationship between father and son even closer. A sports coach, a life coach. We were almost inseparable throughout his life," he said. “Joey has a 4.0 grade point average.

Joey — who also plays wrestling, soccer, football and basketball — spent the entire summer qualifying tournament sleeping with his teammates, so this It's one of the longest periods the duo have been apart. That's what the number 13 has handled like a champ, his dad said.

Edward Felsch, Little League District 31 Administrator, talks to Joey Lionetti of the Massapequa Little League team at the Williamsport Little League World Series practice day Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022.
Douglas Healey/New York Post

We have proven it. You can tell from the [media] interviews he gives, and his composure and posture in pressure situations. , said in a silly voice, "Dad, I threw a no-hitter," right after finishing an ESPN interview.'s all a joke between the two of us. And so am I. So he's a miniature version of me.

Hilarious He's a glimpse of 12-year-old Lionetti (living every young baseball player's dream) is a sure thing at Williamsport too.

Lionetti, who said he is most looking forward to making new friends at the tournament, is already a player and buddy-buddy on his Texas team. A stress free game. He and Massapequa also befriended a Puerto Rican team, along with players from several international teams.

Joey Lionetti of Massapequa carries a Slush Puppie outside the stadium in Williamsport.
Douglas Healy

Everyone has trouble speaking English. But it was pretty cool," said Lionetti.