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"Mayans MC" star JD Pardo stands on the right side of the law in the new show "Terminal List"

"Mayans MC"Star JD Pardo plays outlaw biker EZ Reyes in the "Sons of Anarchy" spin-off, "Terminal List" , A newprime videothriller starring Chris Pratt. 

"I didn't do that on purpose, but it's interesting to play the other side of the law," Pard, 41, told Post. "It's like the" Mayans "[EZ is] of this criminal world, whereis thelaw, and he's trying to enforce it.

"It's always fresh and exciting to do something different so that you're always growing." 

The July 1st premiere, "Terminal List," Based on thenovel by Jack Carr, it follows James Rees (Platt), where the entire Navy Seal platoon is ambushed. During a secret mission. When he returns home, he has conflicting memories of what happened, and his responsibilities are questioned. He also found that greater power was working, working against him, and endangering his loved ones. Pald plays Reese and FBI agent Tony Layun across the road.

JD Pardo crouches with a gun in an FBI vest.
Prime Studios

"This is a great story by the great book series Jack Carr. Just an all-star cast. Chris, Constance Wu,Taylor Kitsch... it just goes on, "Paldo said. "Working with such talent is exciting, so I really wanted to be part of it. The set was a lot of fun."

Pald said. Thanks to his own family background, he said he was familiar with the world of naval stickers as seen in the series. 

"My dad was in the LAPD for 30 years and in the Marine Corps for 30 years, so I grew up around a lot of people in that atmosphere. "He said. "What's interesting to me is that Tony Layun is an FBI agent. There are moments when he's drawn into the world of Reese, and because the result is alive or dead, he's a fish out of the water. There must be this feeling of being. I had this idea that Tony was this ordinary average man who was trying to catch Superman. "

Chris Pratt in a Navy SEAL uniform at a funeral.
Justin Lubin

The event goes out of control and the media portrays Reece as a dangerous man, Tony says Get involved in a cat and rat game with.

"Talk about how no one can catch him, [how] he's running away from every situation, and this sets him apart from someone like James Reese. I'm Tony, "he said. "But he has the power of belief. He feels like he can catch him."

JD Pardo looks serious in biker leathers.
Of "Mayans MC" JD Pardo.

He said some of Pard's colleagues on the set were real Navy stickers, which made him work harder.

"I'm always trying. At Mayans, I didn't know how to ride a bike, so I had to go to Harley School and immerse myself in the world. Like the "Terminal List," I had to throw myself into this world of former Navy seals that played these characters, "he said.

"Just being around them as a group ... when they say" action ", they don't have stuntmen. Stuntmen come in and do the scenes they had to do, but most of the time our guys do it. Therefore, I play a character named Tony who is in charge of this task force. Psychologically, I didn't want these people to do what I couldn't do.

"So I challenged myself every day."