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Mayor Adams needs to fight crime⁠—not Texas Governor Abbott

Since his election, Mayor Adams has consistently focused on crime and the reasons behind its rising fatality rate. He has fought the city council and fellow Democrats in Albany over changes to bail laws and other measures that exacerbate the problem.

However,NYPD statistics show that Adams' attention has been distracted as he has made only modest progress. By agreeing to take in thousands of immigrants who crossed the southern borderin search of asylum and getting into a brawl with the governor of Texas, the mayor is keeping his eyes off the ball.

Simply put, he cannot run a Sanctuary City while being the Mayor of the Peace. Unscreened unrestricted immigration further undermines public safety and order and undermines the crux of his election.

Authorities have already reported that more than 3,000 illegal border crossers are pouring into the city's shelters, with more coming. It likely arrived on a secret flight chartered by the federal government to disperse the unprecedented wave of people from Latin America and around the world who were allowed into the United States during the Biden presidency. I can't say

On Tuesday, Fox News reported that US officials said the total number of people who crossed the Mexican border in the past 18 months exceeded her four million, of whom he classified 900,000 as "fugitives." reported that

The rest surrendered to authorities and many sought asylum.Under Biden's ridiculous welcome wagon policy and the support of cross-border activists, asylum seekers were registered and court dates , travel vouchers, food debit cards and released in the country. Some were reportedly given cell phones.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Thursday, Aug. 4, 2022.
AP/LM Otero

The volume is unlike anything you've seen before. , the border states bear the greatest burden. Republican governors of Texas and Arizona, frustrated by Washington's failure to stem the tide, decided to spread the pain, too.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott 33} said he hopes the Democratic-run city will share in the suffering in hopes of persuading Biden to close the border.

To that end, Abbott sent about 6,100 immigrants to Washington, D.C., buses dropped passengers off at Union Station, and Mayor Muriel Bowser enlisted the help of the National Guard. rice field.

Earlier this month, the first bus from Texas arrived in New York. Others followed, and more are coming.

“In addition to Washington, D.C., New York City is an ideal destination for these immigrants. You can receive it."Abbott said last week.

Abbott is in the running for re-election, and recent polls show him leading O'Rourke by 7 points. In a sign of how badly Adams misread the situation, the mayor of New York threatened to help fellow Democrat O'Rourke.

"I have already called all my friends in Texas. , told how to vote.I'm thinking deep because I have to get on the New Yorker's bus to Texas and knock on the door in the good old days.Let him resign," Adams said recently. I was.

Does he really believe that Texans will vote to remove Abbott because he sends relatively few uninvited immigrants to New York?

Oriana Martinez and her daughter Paola wait outside of Catholic Charities of New York for humanitarian aid, after being transported via charter bus from Texas, in New York City, U.S., August 16, 2022.
REUTERS/David 'Dee' Delgado

In fact, Abbott's team called the mayor's intimidation "according to the Dallas Morning News,according to the Dallas Morning News,Republicans in Texas were criticized for their high tax rates like those in New York and California.

Even former New York Gov. ” is called. Patterson, a Democrat, said, "Abbott did something to improve his political a dramatic way." may score some political points among Democrats for accusing him of lacking in In a city rife with guns, illegal drugs and retail theft, there are thousands of immigrants here, most of whom appear to be single adult men who are not allowed to work.

Asylum seekers leave the bus
Karla Coté/SOPA Images/Shutters

Battles that cannot be won

At a time when the school systemis already facing a barrage of criticism from parents over the poor quality of many schools, other Immigrants are coming with their children.

It is also concerning that some of the newcomers and their advocates, instead of being grateful, are complaining that their "human rights" have been violated by their treatment in New York.


To be fair, Adams petitioned Biden for financial assistance. “If these urgently needed resources are not available, we may struggle to provide the appropriate level of support our clients deserve, and both the rapidly growing shelter population and new clients seeking asylum We may also face challenges in serving the

The Row Hotel, 700 8th Ave., NYC., where migrants maybe housed by the city.
Matthew McDermott

Meanwhile, City Hall may rent the upmarket area of ​​Times Square. 101} An immigrant-only hotel with far better accommodations than a shelter. The Post reports that Row NYC, formerly known as his Milford Plaza, will be leased by the city for her 600 immigrants and their families.

It is not clear how much the city would pay if the deal were to go through, but his typical daily rate for a one-bed room starts at $414, and two-bed rooms are $414. Starting at $445.

Cost, while important, is not the whole issue. Adams has to be careful not to get caught up in a battle he can't win. For one thing, the federal government has neglected its duty to control immigration, and allowing cities and states to absorb so many people will cause problems and defy political consensus for years to come. Abbott is clearly correct.

Another reason is that the mayor of New York City definitely doesn't want to be distracted by things that don't reduce crime. Adams has had enough trouble with his plate without looking further into Texas.

Don Reid Distinguish Match

Leader George Mollet points outDonald about his raid on Trump's houseHe wrote: I'm here. From the perspective of Trump's adversaries, it is expected that the most important objectives will turn out to be psychological.

Yes, Trump was meant to send the message that he does not receive the respect and deference traditionally accorded to former presidents.

"We go to his house and rummage in his wife's underwear when we want. His enemies said: his helplessness and his supporters

``This is the ultimate humiliation for a politician that the establishment wants to bring to nothing. , it only culminates when he is handcuffed out.

"On the positive side, there is nothing better to motivate the good people of America to take back their country." Unless it's too late."