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McConnell warns Democrats: Republicans will move away from China's competition bill if they push the party's economic plans forward

(CNN)Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell warns Democrats: Republicans agree withNot a bill to strengthen the US's competitiveness with ChinaIf the Democratic Party continues to pursue the economic agenda trying to cross a straight party line this summer.

China's competitiveness bill has been the subject of negotiations for months, including funding to develop the missing semiconductor chips, so industry groups , Especially carefully watched by car makers. ..

House and Senate Democratsare at odds with the proposaland have stagnated progress, but the Kentucky Republican threat could completely subdue efforts. There is sex.

"Let's be clear. As long as the Democratic Party is pursuing a partisan reconciliation bill, there is no bipartisan USICA," McConnell tweeted, China representing US innovation and competition. Mentioned the acronym for the competition bill. Activity.

When the Democratic Party is pursuing a bill that involves limiting prescription drug prices and potentially energy and climate supplies through a budgeting processknown as reconciliation. Brings the threat of McConnell. It allows them to pass legislation along the straight line of the party.

West Virginia Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin are discussing finding ways to move this package forward. Manchin sank at the end of last year.

But the Democratic Party is still trying to cut back on economic package trading before the August recess. If they continue to pursue that route, McConnell warns that China's competition bill, which Schumer has been advocating since last year, will collapse.

Schumer spokesman Justin Goodman responded to McConnell's threat by saying: Americans with exorbitantly high prescription drug prices.