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Meet the Republican Dealmakers who might think Dems is essential in 2023

As expected, if the Biden administration has to work with the Republican House of Representatives, work like them. May help in power policymaking next year. Next year's GOP leadership pledges to "govern" next year. At the same time,supports the 2024 message vote. This has spurred the Republican Party to trade everything from government funding to guns for two years.

And at the well-known conference of bombers, the waiting traders come primarily from two schools. You can unite a rare coalition.

"Everything must be a transaction. If you can't, you won't be able to play .... It's a big test of whether you want to govern, make a difference, or claim. Let's do it. " In Congress.

Republicans may have a hard time passing the call test at first. They lose some of their longest-serving members in a combination of retirement and election defeat, depriving them of institutional knowledge. Meanwhile, the Republican center of gravity has shifted to the right like never before.

However, members of the House's so-called Mod Squad say they already have a model for creating deals: last year's Senate-led infrastructure bill.

"100%. It's Exhibit A. You had a two-party solution — bipartisan, two-party. It's a system, "said Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (Republican).

The bill, negotiated by a group of centrists and offering $ 550 billion in new spending, is despite opposition from a few progressives, thanks to a vote of 13 Republicans. I passed the House of Representatives.

Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) Pointed to infrastructure as a "prototype" to tackle larger, more politically problematic issues such as healthcare and border security. ..

"We have to work with Democrats. Perhaps we'll soak a little bit of what we want to carry enough Democrats," Bacon says. I did.

Fitzpatrick and Bacon are two of only a handful of Republicans in the Bidenwon district. Other Republicans in the camp include Congressman David Valadao (California), Young Kim (California), and Maria Salazar (Florida).

They have an influential senator at the Ideology Center and are an ally who can be rewarded in the era of divided governments. However, moderates in the 50-50 Senate found their leaders very open to giving them space to compromise on issues such as infrastructure and guns. Things are different in the major homes where moderates are cutting out their work to win their leadership.

"The Centrists are always attacked from the surroundings. It's us who get things done," Fitzpatrick said.

His philosophy isn't the only thing that could be important next year. Other Republicans are heading for a completely different path to developing a viable policy in 2023. Instead of building from the center, these Republicans (many of whom are ideologically conservative) are looking at specific issues for building potential coalitions.

"One of my biggest complaints about bipartisanism in this town and how it's covered ... really moderate Republicans and really moderate Democrats get together to make a deal. Do you think you are ?. It's not bipartisan. In my opinion, bipartisan is a guy like me working with Haquim Jeffreys, "Armstrong said.

He warned that it would be difficult to close the gap in the crack powder cocaine judgment in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, but raised other issues in the criminal justice field that could be bipartisan. Identified. This includes narrow marijuana legislation, an exculpatory evidence bill, and civil confiscation reforms in the event of police seizure of property or property.

And Armstrong is not the only Republican looking out of the wing of centrist politics to get things done.

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C., who will chair the Financial Services Commission next year if the Republican Party takes over), said in 2012. Two years after the 2010 Republican wave that turned the house over after working on a follow-up to the Small Business Act.

"In the next parliament, the same thing could happen, with Republicans moving forward and Democrats going to play the ball, and I think it helps," McHenry said. He said in an interview.

Rep. Buddy Carter (R-Ga.), Who wants to chair the Republican House's Budget Committee, has pointed out drug prices as one of the bipartisan paths. Republicans resubmitted their own bill last year. He hopes to be back next year after Democrats dismiss it.

"Our policies are different and our priorities are different, but again, we recognize that we must work with them," Carter said. increase.

Republicans see other areas outside the spotlight as fertile lands, such as data privacy, digital assets, and mental health. And next year, we have a list of bills that must be passed, including government funding, debt caps, drastic defense policy bills, and agricultural bills that need to be reapproved.

It doesn't help count the acceptable votes, which is the Republican's biggest challenge.

Of the 13 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill, only six are ready to enter the House of Representatives next year. And of the 10 Republicans ranked as the most bipartisanby The Lugar Center-McCourt School of BipartisanIndex, five died, retired, or primaries. I lost it.

The numbers are dark for Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. The five are no longer ready to attend Congress. Sixth Liz Cheney (Wyoming) is at risk of losing the primary. Between now and November, three more people may lose their seats.

And some of their colleagues are skeptical about what they can do next year.

"Frankly, tell us that the Biden White House will work with us on policy. We have nothing to agree with them," said the Judiciary. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who is running for Gavel at the meeting, said.

However, potential deal makers want to convince their colleagues and even voters that the legislative agreement is good politics.

"Some people go home and say," I can't agree with Biden. " And "what if he was right once in a while," Bacon said. "I think legislation should be beneficial to both sides."