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Mermaids are becoming more popular among swimming professionals and enthusiasts

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Mermaid, an artistic swimming activity that wears mermaid fins and tails, is gaining in popularity around the world.

According to the Associated Press, this activity has formed mermaid swimming schools, groups and competitions in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Philippines and China. Prior to

,entertainment venuesacross the country led performance sports.

At venues like this, you'll find professional mermaids from Weekly Wachi Springs State Park in Spring Hill, Florida, and trained swimmers with acting chops at various casinos and lounges in Las Vegas. I hired you.

FLORIDA's Weekiwachi, known for its mermaids, broke up 54 years after its creation

Conservationists and visual artists also joined the sport. It attracted attention. In the early 2000s, he wore a mermaid tail while swimming with sea creatures and serving as an educator and entertainer atparties and special events. A tail company that sells swimming accessories with these themes to children and adults.

Swimming "mermaids" living with whales for good reason

Enthusiasts and professionals are individuals Choose to swim in the pool or open water for fun.

"We all believe in magic at some point, so learning to have a little or a lot of fun will make your life much better," said Marman Maui, Los Angeles. Is the press who told the Associated Press.

"In many cases, life can be quite boring and boring," he added. 

"Why don't you enjoy all aspects as much as you can?"

Dancer and choreographer Maui is on social media for his half-mermaid adventure. Records and works with three mermaid production companies according to their Instagram account.

In this photo from May 22, 2022, Queen Pangke Tabora (far right) swims with mermaid students during a mermaid swim class in Mabini, Batangas province, Philippines.

In this photo on May 22, 2022, Queen Tabora (far right) is swimming with a mermaid student in a mermaid swimming class in Mabini, Batangas, Philippines. (AP Photo / Aaron Favila)

Montreal's Mariel Henault also told The Associated Press that mermaids are a fun activity.

Say'Professional Mermaid'is creepy'Mermaid'is the worst part of the job 

"You can be a superstar by tailing a mermaid on the beach or pool," said 31-year-old Henault. 

"Children and adults-everyone is happy to see the mermaid," she continued.

Henault's love for mermaids has helped her business grow, Aqua Mermaid School.

Mermaid swim lessons, certifications, mermaid tail rentals, available for purchaseMermaid apparel(seashell bras, silicon and fabric tails, monofins, t-shirts), all over Canada and mermaids We offer performer reservations. USA


She likes to swim at Manly Cove Beach, a popular swimming destination in Sydney.

In this May 26, 2022, photo, Lauren Metzler, founder of Sydney Mermaids, sits on the shoreline of Manly Cove Beach in Sydney, Australia.

This May 26, 2022 photo, Lauren Metzeler, the founder of Sydney Mermaids, sits on the coastline of Manly Cove Beach in Sydney, Australia. (AP Photo / Mark Baker)

"Some people get up in the morning to drink coffee. Some people swim mermaids," Metzeler said. I told the Associated Press. press.

"The more we expand our imagination and accept what everyone is doing, the more beautiful it becomes," she continued. 

"The sky or the seabed is the limit of what a mermaid can do."

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In the Philippines, mermaid swimming instructor Queen Panketabora teachesswimming and free divingfull-time lessons at Rock Beach in southern Manila. I am.

"The outside world is really noisy and you will find peace underwater," Tabora told The Associated Press. "This is a great skill in the real world, especially during a pandemic."

Queen Pangke Tabora swims in her mermaid tail in May 2022 while she conducts a mermaid swim demonstration in front of an Ocean Camp in Mabini, Batangas province, Philippines.

Queen Panketabora swims in the tail of a mermaid in May 2022 She is demonstrating a mermaid swim in front of an ocean camp in Mabini, Batangas, Philippines.(AP Photo / Aaron Favila)

DIVERSity by SeaReynang Pengki, a mermaid school in Tabora, is her acceptance of the mermaid community and her transgender Filipino woman. Mentions the personal journey of.

"Anyone can be a mermaid," Tabora told AP. 

Last year in China, after 110 professional mermaids performed the world's largest underwater mermaid show at Atlantis Sanya, a sea-themed resort in Sanya, Hainan Island. Received mainstream recognition from the Guinness World Records.

Participants' feet and legs are tied to the monofin and tail, so the mermaid carries its own risks.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), and Swim School International (SSI) all offer mermaid courses.

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Monofin and Mermaid Tail Leaders , Finn Fan Mermaid shares a safety guide that recommends that ambitious mermaids follow seven safety procedures when entering the body of water. 

Tips include swimming under adult supervision (especially for children). Make sure you have already mastered regular swimming. Place the monofin on the edge of the water instead of tying your legs and jumping in. Swim only in a comfortable place. Learn how to kick off the monofin and tail in an emergency. Make sure you know how to breathe when swimming or floating on your back. And have compassion for the other people around you.

The Mermaid Convention ("Mercons") is now being held worldwide — and just recently, the "Merfolk" masses flocked to the streets of New York for the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade. rice field. 

The Associated Press contributed to the report in this article. 

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