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Merrick Garland calls Trump a bluff

A senior DOJ official said the "public characterization" of the FBI investigation by Trump and his attorneys led to a Justice Department investigation. said the need for was effectively abandoned. typical confidentiality. Trump himself confirmed the search on social media, and attorney Christina Bob told the media that the focus of the search would be "the president's records or potentially classified material."

"So indications of the occurrence of the search and related subject matter have already been made public," DOJ officials Juan Gonzalez and Jay Bratt wrote in the motion to open the warrant.

So Trump and his team created the feeling that a dog had caught a car and got whiplash. He must now decide whether to allow the expedited release of the search warrant. Investigation—and during the search he received a receipt detailing items confiscated by an FBI agent. It also said Trump had the option to have the last four days' warrants lifted, but chose to keep them secret despite calls for transparency from his supporters.

The Justice Department clearly recognized that dynamic in Thursday's filing, stressing that the current decision is essentially Trump's.

} "The public's clear and strong interest in understanding what happened under these circumstances favors the lifting of the seal," the official wrote. "Having said that, the former president has responded to this motion by offering an opportunity to challenge, including in relation to the potential for 'legitimate privacy interests' or other 'damages' if these materials were made public.

Attorney General Merrick Garland reiterated that position at a press conference in which he called for public discussion of the case by Trump announcing the search in a statement.

Justice of the Peace, Bruce Reinhart, who presides over the matter, has asked the DOJ to consult with Trump's legal team to make a decision. — whether Trump will support or challenge the motion to unseal.

Shortly after Garland's press conference, the former president responded with another attack on the Justice Department. However, there was no word on how he and his legal team would proceed.

"My lawyers and agents were cooperating fully and had a very good relationship," Trump said in a post on his Truth Social website. Stated. "If we had it, the government could have gotten whatever they wanted." did not answer the pending questions.

His FBI-executed search warrant on Monday is described by Trump's own lawyers in only vague general terms. Before Garland's press conference, Trump's team dismissed the idea that the warrant should be released, instead a person close to Trump asked why the FBI had not released the warrant. They weren't the only ones to make that claim. Many prominent Trump supporters and lawmakers have called on the Department of Defense to do so.

"To the AG & FBI Director: Lift the warrant now. Americans deserve it. Now," said Trump ally Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas). Republicans) wrote on Twitter.

“At the very least, Garland must resign or be impeached. A search warrant must be issued. Christopher Wray must be removed. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.)