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Max Scherzer of the Mets has begun another rehab. "It hurts a little"

Miami — Max Scherzer's motto as he approaches his return to the Mets is to avoid physical setbacks. That measured approach puts him back in the minor league and begins rehab at least once more.

Right-handed players expect to start in minor league affiliates on Tuesday. Scherzer pitched 3¹ / ₃ innings at Double A Binghamton on Tuesday and pitched 65 in his first rehab since he was tense diagonally to the left on May 18. The initial prognosis was a recovery time of 6-8 weeks. Scherzer hasn't reached six weeks yet.

However, Scherzer initially wanted the return to the Mets to take place on Sunday. Manager Buck Showalter has scheduled David Peterson to play the Marlins instead.

"I've hit the plateau with this," Scherzer said on Saturday before theMets defeated the Marlins5-3. "I'm trying to do pitching and rehab at the same time, so going out, then doing the core routine, throwing the bullpen, doing the core routine was hard and a little painful.

Max Scherzer
Gordon Donovan

"To be able to pitch in the big league on Sunday, I have to be perfect and the match I couldn't check that box because there were so many provisions for me to pitch in. I have to repeat this process again and repeat the turn again. For me, now focus on rehab And I'm sure it's back strong. "

Schaser said his diagonal was fine the day after he left for Binghamton. However, other elements of his rehabilitation influenced him.

"We went into the field [Wednesday] and played the catch, and it was pretty good considering everything," Scherzer said. "I felt like I woke up pretty well. I threw a bullpen [session] the next day. Probably at normal strength and then threw a core routine. I just came the next day and it really hurt. I'm doing a lot. I've passed all the tests, but I haven't had any setbacks, so this is just the nature of returning from this injury. "

Scherzer I haven't dealt with diagonal injuries in his career before, so I'm working without a roadmap.

The Mets managed to maintain the No. 1 lead in the NL East with Scherzer, Jacob deGrom and Tyler Megil all missing from the start rotation. However, Scherzer said the team's success did not influence his decision to play cautiously in rehab.

Max Scherzer sits in the dugout during the Mets' 5-3 win over the Marlins.

"We need to completely remove it from the calculus," Scherzer said. Says. "I can't be frustrated. I have to get back to good health. I can't be frustrated. I understand it and pitch when I'm ready to pitch."

Scherzer's continued rehabilitation should not be perceived as a setback, Shawalter said.

"It's been like a plan all the time. Look at how he feels every day and don't commit to something that might look like a failure in front of you. To do that, "said Show Alter. "It wasn't. Looking at the history of these injuries, he's where he should be."