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Michael Cohen declares 'the end is near' for Trump after FBI investigation

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Michael Cohen, former attorney for former President Trump, said Tuesday that the FBI has closed his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

"Here's what Trump's lawyer should say to him: 'When the FBI raids your house, all you can do is prepare to go to jail,'" Cohen tweeted. did. "No one is above the law!"

He tweeted the message with the hashtag "#KarmaBoomerang" and a disgusting image of Trump with the caption "The end is near..."

The unveiling of the former president's official residence on Monday during a raid by the FBI was an unprecedented move that sent shockwaves across the political spectrum. A source told Fox News Digital that the raid was related to materials Trump brought back from his presidency. 

Trump raid leads to DOJ, National Archives investigate classified documents allegedly brought to Marlago 


In a separate tweet Monday night, Cohen posted a selfie of himself smiling and giving a thumbs up in response to news of the FBI raid.

"Knock, knock. Who's there? It's the FBI. It's there," Cohen said in a video on Twitter.. The judge assures me that he has checked every line of this very long document.''

"What it tells me is that Merrick Garland has finally moved on. This is what we all wanted, it's what we all wanted for a long time," he added.

Earlier this year, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) reported that Trump had 15 boxes of presidential records at his private residence in Florida. said to have gone These boxes allegedly contained "classified national security information" and official correspondence between Trump and foreign heads of state.

FBI sources confirmed that his FBI agent in Washington, D.C. is on the Bureau's Evidence Response Team. 

FBI Raids President Trump's Marlago: 'Unprecedented' for Agency to Execute Search Warrant Against Former President

Sources familiar with the search said FBI agents went to Mar-a-Lago, searched all offices and safes, and obtained documents and boxes without entering the premises. told Fox News. They took the boxes and papers to go through them later.

Michael Cohen, former attorney to President Donald Trump, leaves his apartment building May 6, 2019 before beginning his prison term in New York. 

Michael Cohen, Former Attorney for President Donald Trump resigned from his apartment on May 6, 2019, before the start of his prison term in New York.  (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen, File)

"They weren't smart about what they took," sources said. 

Cohen was jailed in 2019 after pleading guilty to campaign finance fraud and lying to Congress about Trump's past dealings in Russia. He publicly denounced his former boss during his investigation and has since become a vocal critic of Trump.


, condemned the raid on his property. He said it was neither necessary nor appropriate.

"This is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the judicial system, and the extremists who desperately do not want me to run for president in 2024, especially based on recent polls. It is an attack by Democrats who will do anything to block Republicans and Conservatives alike in the next midterm elections," he said in a statement.

Brooke Singman of Fox News said this contributed to the report.

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