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Michael Moore: Supreme Court makes a "big mistake" overturning the Roe v. Wade case and hands over a podcast to a woman

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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore handed over his "rumble" podcast to a woman who blew up a Supreme Court ruling. Rights more than people. " 

"This is a perfect bull--t," said one woman, while another said, "One day a woman has the same rights as a gun. I'm dreaming. " 

Moore, who lives in Traverse City, Mississippi, hasn't voted for a Republican presidential candidate for nearly 20 years, but is surrounded by areas of "very hateful" people. I explained.

"We are surrounded by all these big red areas of very hateful voters – an angry white man. It's not easy," Moore opposes the Supreme Court on Saturday. I told the listener that hundreds of protesters had gathered in his town because of this. Decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case. 

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Filmmaker Michael Moore appearing on MSNBC.

Filmmaker Michael Moore starring on MSNBC. (MSNBC screenshot)

Then Moore silenced and played his voice saying he wanted to speak to a woman who attended the rally. .. 

"It was pretty anxious ... I was shocked that something like that could happen," when asked why she attended the rally. The emotional woman said. "It's been a precedent for a long time, and I feel like I took it for granted."

Another attendee said, "It's hard to think about what else will change." I'm a little scared, "he said, saying he would like to immediately advocate a gay marriage in case the Supreme Court plans to make other changes. 

One woman said she personally "conflicted" with an abortion but wanted to help her daughter and granddaughter. 

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

"People who can't step back As she said. Her husband said he was a professional life, but came out to help a different-feeling woman in his family. 

Another attendee called the abortion a "life-saving medical procedure" and brought a sign to the event declaring that "someone you know had an abortion." 

"This decision feels like a woman, so it's only painful. We don't care," she said. "A little cure for collective anger."

One attendee described her outfit featuring bloody shorts and hangers. 

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore turned his "Rumble" podcast over to women who blasted the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Liberal filmmaker Michael Mu Ah is a podcast to the women who blew up the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn his "Rumble" Roe v. Wade case. (Reuters)

"It's like showing what was happening before and what's happening now," she said. "This is ridiculous, abortion is health care. It really is, and nothing else." 

Another said, "A country depriving human rights. I'm scared to live in. It's very inhuman as a woman ... probably a "land of freedom", but I don't feel real freedom right now. 

Other women said they were feeling "shock," "anger," and "despair," urging them to continue "fighting" after the Supreme Court's ruling. 

Democratic and republican strategies are strongly influenced by the Supreme Court's abortion ruling in the abortion elections

"We're terrible, terrible rollbacks, and it's a minority group, it's a group of liar people, and it's just scary," the woman said. 

Overturn the Roe v. Wade case v. Wade, a groundbreaking decision in 1973 proclaiming that the Constitution protects the right to abortion, sent a shockwave across the United States and quickly led to speculation about what the decision would be. Affects. The

decision is based on the opinion of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization court, centered on Mississippi law, to ban abortion after 15 weeks of gestation. Republican-led Mississippi has urged the Supreme Court to withdraw the ruling of a lower court that suspended the 15-week abortion ban.

Protesters gather in the wake of the decision overturning Roe v. Wade outside the U.S. Supreme Court on June 25, 2022 in Washington, DC. The Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health overturned the landmark 50-year-old Roe v. Wade case and erased a federal right to an abortion. 

Protesters gather after a decision to overturn Roev .. I walked outside the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC on June 25, 2022. The Supreme Court's decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health overturned the groundbreaking 50-year-old Roe v. Wade case and eradicated federal rights to abortion.  (Photo courtesy of Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)

"I'm here primarily to expose the Republicans as hypocrites. They call themselves prolife, but they are really prolife, because if they are really prolife, we have access to easier contraceptives and our shelves. Has more milk powder, better adoption system, better adoption care, better process. Children after birth don't care, they just want to control a woman's body or someone with a uterus. " Said. 

Moore's podcast aired the thoughts of dozens of women who criticized the Supreme Court, favoring voters with the Democratic Party, "guns have more rights than women. I asked him to repeat the issue. 

Moore concludes the podcast, "This doesn't work. They made a big mistake. I'm going to leave as many Republicans as possible in November of this year. Mass, mass. It will be an exercise. " 

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Earlier this month, Moore released his news. The podcast called for the abolition ofConstitutional Amendment Article 2 and plans to "remove almost all guns from civilian ownership." Proposed. 

"We are moving to abolish Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment and replace it with something that says that it is not the right of anyone to own a gun, but the right of all of us to be protected. We need to start, from gun violence, "Moore said. "We have the right to live ... if you're afraid of someone invading, keep a dog ... you don't need a gun."

Fox News' Kyle Morris said Contributed to the report. 

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