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The immigrant-loving left-hander lives in Dreamerworld

Who are America's "Dreamers"? In recent years, the term has been used to describe young people who have been brought to America illegally, but — he took a piece from the Democratic Party's playbook — I would like to suggest a change in usage. From now on, the word “dreamer” can be used to describe anyone who believes that the border system in this country can remain intact. 

The influx of millions of illegal immigrants into the United States each yearis someone who believes it is sustainable. People who think that having borders is basically a prejudice. 

Such views were once held only by the "progressive" fringes. But today they are mainstream on theDemocratic side. The Democrats have come this far. 

It wasn't long ago that they changed their minds. In 1996, the party platform stated: We cannot tolerate illegal immigration and must stop it. Think of the difference between that platform just a quarter of a century ago and the same party today. Today, the statement would be described as "restrictive," bigoted, and possibly racist. 

"Asylum Seekers" 

In just a few decades, illegal immigrants have become "illegal immigrants," "dreamers," and so on. Democrats have moved from worrying about illegal immigration to encouraging it — just as they did when they stopped building the border wall. Like their European left-wing counterparts, they believe that anyone who attempts to invade a country is an "asylum seeker," and that countries like the United States have an obligation to accept anyone in the world who wants to move here. 

One of the problems with this is that it is not sustainable. It is a fact that finally hurts Democratic Party politicians. on their own doorstep. 

Protesters at Port Authority hold signs saying that Mayor Adams "has no plan" for housing migrants.
YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Washington used to be so easy I asked a leftist in New York to tell me the mantra of the time. "No one is illegal" has become one of today's radical slogans. Let's say you wanted a wall on the southern border and you were a "nativeist". You got virtue points for saying you were against it. 

All this did wasfacilitate the flow of illegal immigrants across thesouthern border. In a poll last year, members of the progressive Left, at a whopping 86%, agreed with the phrase, "People who illegally immigrate to the United States generally make the communities they live in better." I said I would. Because to them it was all just theory. Only people in places like Texas had to really experience it. 

Well, we all have that opportunity. And leftist ideas about open borders are suddenly being tested across the country 

Texas Gov. has the full right to If Washington's politicians are going to stand up specifically about immigration, why should only Texans suffer the consequences? in DC and New York. And while this is just one example of what will happen, left-wing officials in both cities are already standing in the stands whining. We encourage this move. This week she stood at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and boasted about "welcoming asylum seekers." A bus trip to New York turns these people from illegal immigrants into "asylum seekers." 

New York share 

A group of migrants walks out of Port Authority Bus Terminal from Texas.
YUKI IWAMURA/AFP via Getty Images

Other New York officials complain that everything is unfair to them.Since May,New York has received more than 4,000 illegal immigrants from Texas. 60}. The results can be seen at her DHS shelter in the city. Latin American families with large numbers of children are hopelessly in and out here. You can see it in any homeless shelter in the city.I feel the burden from all these people from out of state right now. And it hasn't all been easy in New York so far. 

But what did people thinkleft-wing open borders would be? New York is straining as thousands of illegal immigrants are added to the city. But that's just a few hours of illegal immigration coming across the southern border. where were they going? 

History repeats itself 

For me, this brings a terrible sense of déjà vu. I've seen this happen before in Europe during the 2015 immigration crisis. 

Later, the continent's southern borders were opened, as they are today. And just like now, people began to flood in wanting a better life. Suddenly all economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East are now called asylum seekers. Thousands of immigrants quickly turned into hundreds of thousands, then millions. But the year of change in Europe is now the average year for illegal immigration to the United States. 

Then, as now, the people where the immigrants arrived bore the brunt of leftist policies. lost. They were sent to Germany, Scandinavia and other countries that boasted the ideal of open borders. 

Bags of humanitarian supplies are seen outside Port Authority Bus Terminal as migrants arrive in New York City.
AFP via YUKI IWAMURA/Getty Images

It didn't take long This first-hand experience of illegal immigration to change your mind. Soon, all the economic and social problems of unrestricted illegal immigration went home, and borders were closed again. 

In America, by contrast, such cities have never really had to experience the consequences of policies specifically encouraged by members of the New York City Council. We're guessing this country could easily absorb millions of illegal immigrants each year. Millions of people who broke the law to get here. Make fun of people who follow the rules. We'll see how well this works. But if the left seriously thinks it can go on, sorry, they are dreamers.