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Refugee-inaccessible migrants use charity cash to flee New York City

The city's shelter system istoo dysfunctionalfor these immigrants.

Her four asylum seekers, who braved the trek to the US-Mexico border, grew tired of waiting for a bed in New York City and turned to charity funds. I used it to escape. Heading to Washington, DC, Post learned.

An unidentified man arrived in the Big Apple within the past three weeks and went to the city-run Bellevue Men's Shelter. The shelter also serves as a reception center for the homeless services sector.

"There were so many people waiting to be ingested that day that they turned away or were confused by the situation," said one source. The non-speaking men returned to the shelter "several times" over the course of about two and a half days in the city, but "in the end they decided to go to Washington," the sources said.

They spent a night in the capital during a trip to New York and he used a $50 gift card he received from a Catholic charity to pay for the bus fare back there, sources said. said.

This week, the Post will exclusively open a migrant-only reception center in Midtown where city hall has enough space to house her 600 families by Monday. } reported that we were in a hurry.

Migrants at Bellevue Homeless Shelter waiting to be relocated to a new shelter in Brooklyn on August 11, 2022.
Matthew McDermott

Others told the Post that the office system had been directed to thecityby Biden administration immigration officers in Texas.

Last week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also sent buses of immigrants into the city,to protest what he called President Biden's "irresponsible open border policy." began to

Since Friday, at least 160 migrants have arrived on his five buses chartered by Abbott, and 92 have arrived at the Port Authority's depot in about 45 minutes on Wednesday morning. I got off outside.

Four migrants grew so frustrated by the overcrowded shelter that they left New York to go to Washington, DC.
Matthew McDermott
At least 160 migrants have arrived in New York City from Texas on buses chartered by Gov. Greg Abbott since Friday. {60 Matthew McDermott

On Sunday Adams alleged that Abbott had sent some immigrants to New York involuntarily. My family was on the bus wanting to go somewhere else, but they weren't allowed to do so," he said.

"They were forced onto the bus." The Post Thursday was barred from interviewing immigrants at Manhattan's Bellevue Men's Shelter about Adams' accusations..

Three uniformed city officials Homeless Services Bureau employee ordered a reporter off the sidewalk for what appeared to be a blatantly illegal activity.

"If you need to speak to a client, he on the 17th floor should call 43 Beaver St.," said one officer.

At that point, two of his immigrants from Venezuela, who arrived on a bus chartered by Abbott on Wednesday and agreed to be interviewed, became terrified and withdrew inside a shelter.

The 17 migrants preparing to leave Bellevue Men’s Shelter on a bus.
Matthew McDermott

After a while, 17 immigrants came out, I entered school. A bus that was apparently heading to a homeless assessment center in Brooklyn.

All the men were wearing the exact same brand new black backpacks and new looking clothes.

One Daniel Reyes said he is from Honduras and had been in a shelter for about a month after arriving in the United States about a year ago.

According to Reyes, eight of his others (one from Colombia, one from Guatemala, and six from Venezuela) showed up at the shelter three days before him, apparently in Abbott's bus. It was after being transported by

Daniel Reyes fled Honduras a year ago due to gangs and had been staying at Bellevue for a month.
Matthew McDermott
Reyes said eight migrants from Texas arrived at the shelter just three days earlier.
Matthew McDermott

"Gangs are no good. They're coming to America," he said in broken English.

Some shelter residents complained that immigrants were treated better than homeless Americans.

"We've all been here waiting and going through this process. Let me tell you guys, they can get everything really quickly," said Queens. Ronald François, 55, a retired Navy veteran, said.

"They got more in 4 or 5 days than I got in 29 days. They ignore us."

Shelter resident Ronald Francois complained that the newly arrived migrants are being treated better than American homeless people.
Matthew McDermott

The Homeless Services Authority did not respond to a request for comment.

Also on Thursday, Abbott chartered another of his two buses leaving Del Rio, Texas, for Washington, DC.

It was unclear whether the bus was headed for New York City, as were the other buses.

An immigrant named Javier, 25, from Venezuela told the New York Post that he was on the first bus in hopes of going to the Big Apple. life.

"I am much closer to New York in Washington than I am here," he said.

"I heard there is a shelter where you can stay for a while until you get back on your feet financially." He said he was broke because he didn't, and called the free bus ride "a blessing because I don't have the money to continue."

"Any help I can get is a godsend," he added.

Other immigrants interviewed by the Post in San Antonio, Texas, said they wanted to go to New York City.

"The only thing I want now is , to be able to stay in a shelter where you can stay for at least a week, so you can get a job and earn a little money to find a place to live.

Four-year-olds said they left Venezuela on June 19. They were members of the National Guard and were told to extort bribes from their neighbors to get their ends done.

157} "I work everywhere," he said.

"I just need a safe place to leave my wife and kids so I can work during the day and she can work at night so I can save money. "