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Miles Bridges' wife posted a photo of her apparent injury on social media after Hornets Forward was arrested in Los Angeles.

Johnson said in a Instagram post that he "had a severe concussion from choking to falling asleep" on his nose, wrists, ears and neck. Described the injury 5} Friday.

"I hate this happening, but I can't silence it anymore. Someone destroys my house, abuses me in every possible way, and traumas my children for the rest of my life. I allowed that, "she wrote. In the post that accompanies the image.

"I have nothing to prove to the world, but I will not regret anyone who can do such a horrible thing and will not allow me to paint something that is not me. People around him keep silent and lie to protect this person. "

One of the images uploaded to Instagram is a discharge document from the hospital's emergency department. It seems like. Johnson is described as "an adult victim of physical abuse by a male partner" and "assault by strangulation." According to the

document, her diagnosed injuries included a closed fracture of her nasal bone, a rib bruise, multiple bruises, and tension in her neck muscles.

In her Instagram post, Johnson also said, "I scared and hurt my children who witnessed everything."

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Johnson's husband, 24-year-old Bridges, was arrested and charged in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

According to the latest news release issued on Friday, Bridges was "273.5 (a) criminal law arrested for felony due to intimate violence" in connection with the June 27 incident.

CNN has asked the Bridges representative for comment, but has not received a response.

When asked about images and claims, NBA spokesman Mike Bass told CNN, "We are collecting more information."

Bridges bail was set at about $ 130,000, and she was subsequently released, prison records show.

"Charlotte Hornets is aware of the situation at Miles Bridges. We are currently collecting additional information. There are no further comments at this time," the team said in a statement earlier this week. ..

The Bridges have been drafted by Hornets in the first round of their 2018 NBA Draft from Michigan, celebrating her best year as a professional. He was scheduled to be a restricted free agent this offseason.

Prison records indicate that Bridges' next court day is scheduled for July 20th.