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Millions of people in Ukraine are facing a serious shortage, UN agencies say

Millions of Ukrainians have been in need of food, water, shelter and other basic needs more than four months after the Russian invasion. UN agencies say they are suffering from a serious shortage.

UN agencies are trying to help Ukrainians in the light of Russia's invasion, but due to security concerns in addition to Russian airstrikes and artillery destruction, delivery to some areas Is becoming difficult. They say it is impossible to enter and provide relief supplies to the cities of Kherson and Mariupol, which were wrecked by Russian airstrikes.

Ukraine's UN humanitarian coordinator Osnat Lubrani said an estimated 10,000 civilians were killed and injured, adding that this is probably only a small part of the actual number. She says that nearly 16 million people in Ukraine need humanitarian assistance and protection.

"We are making every effort to help those who have been killed by this war, but the Russian Federation, and the Government of Ukraine, are better off to protect them. We have to do a lot. To enable our work in this country and in our work. "

According to Mr. Rubrani, the United Nations and private aid agencies are in all regions of Ukraine. Has provided assistance to about 9 million people. She added that nearly 2 million people receive cash assistance for their basic needs.

The crisis in Ukraine is also having a global impact. Russian ships are blocking Ukraine's Black Sea port, preventing the country from exporting wheat and grain to the Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Asia. The United Nations warns that this is causing a global hunger crisis.

Kate Newton, Deputy Emergency Coordinator of the World Food Program, states that without the Black Sea port, it would not be possible to approach the export levels required by Ukraine.

"But we're doing everything we can, that is, roads, railroads, and now rivers, we're approaching maximum power," Newton said. About 1 million tonnes a month could push it up to 2 million tonnes, but there is an urgent need for access to the Black Sea.

Ukraine is considered one of the breadbaskets of the world. It supplies about 10% of the world's wheat exports and almost half of the world's sunflower oil.

According to the World Food Program, Ukraine exported up to 6 million tonnes of grain a month before the war. Last year, about 400 million people around the world consumed Ukrainian products. Now that exports have stopped significantly, WFP says about 20 million tonnes of grain remain in Ukrainian storage.