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Missouri GOP Senate Showdown: Schmidt Takes Blow Torch on Byden's Agenda with New Advertisement

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FIRST ON FOX:Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt is one of the leading candidates nominated as a Republican Senator in the state's open seat race. A new provocative campaign commercial calledPresident Biden's "Socialist Agenda".

"I think Joe Biden is a catastrophe, so I have my torch lamp on his socialist agenda," Schmidt first shared with Fox News on Tuesday. Say in a new ad.

"As your lawyer, I quit Biden's open border policy. I appealed to remove Fauci's COVID order, and with President Trump to stop election fraud. "I stood in," Schmidt emphasizes. "The Senate raises the enthusiasm of the Biden Democrats. We approve this message because it's time to regain our country."

According to Schmidt's campaign,the largest in Missouri. Spent $ 650,000 to run a television spot in the St. Louis Media Market, a market in the United States.

Missouri Republican Primary: Schmidt Gains Another Conservative Support

After winning two state-wide elections in Missouri, Schmidt has made headlines for the Treasurer and the Secretary of Justice over the past year and a half and has filed a lawsuit against the Byden administration. .. He is one of more than 20Republicans competing for the party's Senatenomination at the State's First Party on August 2 for the successful retirement of Republican Senator Roy Blunt. is.

However, Schmidt is one of the leading candidates in the primary field, andformer governor Eric Graytens,resigned in 2018 in multiple controversies. And I'm in line with Congressman Vicky Heartsler. It is located in Missouri's Fourth Parliamentary District, primarily in the western central part of the province. The Republican race also made a national heading with Congressman Billy Long in the 7th Parliamentary District of Southwestern Missouri, saying he had a gun outside with his wife in the summer of 2020. There is Mark McCloskey, a lawyer in St. Louis who grabbed . A house to warn protesters of Black Lives Matter.

CRUZ supports Missouri Republican Senator Schmidt

Schmidt ad releaseGritens sparks There was a lot of controversythat took place just a few weeks later, and the campaign video released by his team was strongly criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. In the ad, Greitens uses a video to promote the Navy's sealing service. He is he is invading the house and doing a "RINO hunting" called when he is adjacent to a tactical team with a shotgun. Encourage moderate Republicans to "bag and tag" with a "RINO Hunting License".

This video was released amid growing public interest in political violence following recent deadly shootings and threats to government officials. And the controversy was the latest around Greites, who was trying to overcome the graphic allegations of domestic abuse and violence made by his ex-wife in an affidavit filed in a child custody case in March. ..

However, Greitens's video may have appealed to some Republican primary voters, and Schmitt's ad seems to be playing to the same audience without controversy.

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Missouri was once competitive It was a state, but nowadays it has been a Republican trend for decades.

Former President Bill Clinton in 1996 was the last Democrat to win the state in the White House race, and then Sen. Claire Macaskill's 2012 victory was the last victory for the Democratic Party in the state's Senate elections. Former President Donald Trump won the state with 18 points in 2016 and 16 points last November.

Paul Steinhauser is a New Hampshire-based political reporter.