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Money in Bank Predictions: WWE Should Have One Easy Choice

WWE needs to put this year's money into the banks and really liven up the summer.

Injuries, a surge in Sasha Banks, and Naomi's suspension have left many WWE celebrities off the board, leaving a shortage of challengers in the title photo. The briefcase championship match deal hanging above the ring gives the company the opportunity to catapult two new faces in the main event scene. Hanging on the undisputed champion Roman Reigns, a new female star appears. The rest of the card feels like a very good Raw or SmackDown match bounce, so a ladder match is everything.

Post Joseph Stazevsky tries to provide an answer on how things sway at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (8 pm, Peacock) on Saturday.


Theory (c) vs. Bobby Lashley (US Championship {21) }) 

This match is harder to call than you can see on paper. Sure, you want to see Theory in his strongest appearance in SummerSlam, or with the potential to enter a potential match against John Cena in the near future, but the clash is in the US title. It doesn't have to be for, it should be more than that given the rich backstory WWE, and it needs to be pulled out for it. So maybe WWE splits the difference. Theory here wins by some malicious means to beat someone of Lashley's height, and Senna spends the championship on the theory and returns to humbly serve the youth before clashing.  


Usos (c) vs. The Street Profits (Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship)

The Street Profits must be the team that takes the Usos throne, as they can get the most out of the Usos. But with SummerSlam, I think it's likely to be a bigger moment. The Usos could be one of the best matches of the night, beating them clean or with the help of Sammi Zayn.


Bian Cabereer (c) vs. Carmella (Raw Women's Championship) 

Carmella is filling the injured Rhea Ripley in this match so she won't be back soon or WWE will tell us Unless you just want to throw a curve at, I expect Bereal to leave Las Vegas with money. WWE can instead deliver the feud that Ripley fans have been waiting for in SummerSlam. By making Carmella appear to have won this match many times, Berea's elasticity and toys can be passed on to the emotions of the audience.

Pick:Bianca Belair


Ronda Rousey (c) vs Natalia (SmackDown Women's Championship)

Sharp Shooter vs Armbar or Ankle Rock, which do you think will win? If it's Bret Hart on the other side of Ronda Rousey, I think the Sharp Shooter has a chance. WWE hadn't made this move special with respect to Natalia, who would be Lausie's perfect foothold until Bailey returned to the SummerSlam match or WWE turned the heel of Raquel Rodriguez. A good match is expected here. One thing to note is that Lausie posted a video on his social media account claiming that he didn't want to pick a side in the match with her friend Shayna Baszler, Natalia's tag team partner. is. It would be interesting if that was reflected in the story seen on Saturday, but I don't count on it.  

Pick:Ronda Rousey   

Lacey Evans vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Live Morgan vs. Laquel Rousey vs. Asuka vs. Schozzi vs. Becky Lynch (Women's Money in a Bank Ladder Match)

Only Becky Lynch is dissatisfied with the victory here. The title reigns and does not require a contract to start another title. But her victory will move her "comeback story" forward. Everyone else will add a fresh look to the main event scene-even Asuka hasn't been a single champion since April last year.

WWE probably wants to keep the title with WrestleMania until next year, so I feel the winner is unlikely to come from SmackDown. Both title holders. For me, it leaves either Liv Morgan or Alexa Bliss. Their loose friendships have built up the most on the women's side, which can continue to be annoying if one of them picks up a briefcase. After she defeats Berea at some point, they will probably cash Ripley into a big pop. Morgan's time, when fans are late, has been lagging for a long time.

Pick:Liv Morgan

Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Omos vs. Sami Zayn vs. Riddle vs. Madcap Moss ({Men's Money in a Bank Ladder Match)

Here are three very interesting options that could be a winner. WWE was able to bring Bobby Lashley a Big E cash-in last year to avoid the Money in the Bank winners operating around Roman Reigns. This time around, the WWE Universal Championship, which is undisputed as a tribal chief. Therefore, Seth Rollins, Riddle and Sami Zayn remain. All of these have a clear relationship with Reigns. Riddle had just lost a spectacular match in SmackDown and was able to avenge his friend Randy Orton's injury by paying Rains. Zayn is an honorary Bloodline member and has already said he wouldn't cash in to Reigns, so it's not a serious winner, but if Brock Lesnar wins in SummerSlam.

That doesn't mean he keeps his promise, it's fun to see the tension increase every week. Still, there's only one clear choice here, Rollins. He has a deep history with Reigns and is the only person to "win" on television as a tribal chief, and WWE is a cash-in that can be repeated in SummerSlam when Reigns faces Brock Lensar. I was able to regenerate history. Rollins also kept the feud with Cody Rhodes warm and set many other possibilities when it was time for American Nightmare to finally challenge the world title.

Pick:Seth Rollins