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Most patients want tech-savvy and friendly doctors: poll

What's wrong, doctor?

OnePoll and ModMed collaborated to find good doctors among 2,000 American adults (1,500 with health insurance, 500 without). I did some research on what I was looking for to find.

Before seeing a new doctor, 38% of her respondents said she browsed the clinic's website, and 74% relied on her online reviews when choosing a new caretaker. . 

After booking, 59% of respondents were more likely to pay their bill sooner if they had an online option, and 44% preferred accessing test results online or through a portal said. 

People also take ``mental notes'' (67%) about how charming and personable their doctors are.

Of her 5 respondents, 2 said they would see a new doctor due to a change in insurance, but 35% left to find a 'better' doctor. .

Nearly four in five (79%) respondents stressed the importance of timelessness and waiting time.

Overall, 90% said it was important for doctors to use the latest technology. So much so that 61% of respondents said the ability to schedule an appointment online was a deciding factor in whether or not to stay at a hospital. Office for new things.

They also want telehealth to remain an option in a post-pandemic world. 67% of respondents feel that regular virtual visits are less effective than in-person visits, while 22% believe virtual visits are useful for urgent or time-sensitive visits.

But the average patient gives the doctor her four chances before looking elsewhere.

“This survey shows that patients want to be able to easily schedule appointments and communicate with their healthcare providers before, during, and after their appointment. , but it's accelerating as a result," said Daniel Cane, CEO and co-founder of ModMed.

“Patients are increasingly interested in taking a greater role in managing their health care. From scheduling their own appointments to accessing medical records, From phone calls to payment, there is a growing desire for patient participation,” Kane continued.

Additionally, 36% of those surveyed preferred follow-up I prefer email.

When requesting a prescription refill, 46% prefer to do it via an app, with two of her five wanting to message their doctor online.