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MSNBC Nominates Alex Wagner as Rachel Maddow's Successor in Major Time Slots

MSNBC is reported to have nominated a permanent successor to, who is struggling at 9 pm. In ET Prime Time weekday slot , longtime anchor Rachel Maddow has moved to a one-day weekly format.

Alex Wagner fixes MSNBC at 9pm. According toThe Hollywood Reporter,, who quoted more sources on this issue, an hour from Tuesday to Friday starting in August. MSNBC has not yet revealed what her program will be called.

Madou, who withdrew from full-time hosting to pursue other projects,continues to lock the show on Monday night, according to her report. She also locks coverage during major news events, as she did last week, after the Supreme Court voted to overturn the Roe v. Wade case.

Wagner, 44, returned to the Left Network earlier this year as a senior political analyst and guest anchor. Since she signed to MSNBC, she has been a guest host for both "Rachel Maddow Show" and "All In With Chris Hayes."

She also stinted on CBS News as an anchor and hosted her last show on MSNBC during the day.

Rachel Maddow will continue to host her MSNBC show on Monday nights.
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As The Post previously reported, MSNBC is suffering from a 9 pm downgrade rating. Time Slots-especially nights when Madou is not moored. "MSNBC Prime" has significantly fallen below the "Rachel Maddow Show" in viewership since Maddow moved to a weekly appearance.

Madou, who is said to be worth about $ 30 million a year in dealings with MSNBC,took a one-week hiatus earlier this year,, and: He said he would shift his focus to other initiatives. A film adaptation of her podcast, Bag Man, depicting the fall of the disgraceful Vice President Spiro Agnew in the early 1970s.

"I've been working on this for a while, but it looks like it's going to happen," Madou said at the time. "I'm very excited about that. I'll take a little time from this show to help with the movie, work on new podcasts, and other things that I'm currently cooking at NBC.