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MTA bus driver slashed during beef with irate passenger in Harlem

An MTA bus driver was slashed by an unhinged passenger in Harlem over the weekend — in just the latest attack on a Big Apple transit worker, police sources said.

The 52-year-old driver had pulled up to the bus stop at West 133rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday when he noticed two passengers trying to get off through a closed rear door on the vehicle, sources said.

The pair eventually walked to the front door of the bus — but one of the men was irate over the inconvenience and mouthed off at the driver.

“Why didn’t you open the rear door?” he snapped, sources said.

The man then spit on the driver and pulled out a yellow-handed knife from his waistband, slashing the MTA driver twice on his left forearm — while threatening to “go get my gun.

A general view of an MTA bus as seen in New York, NY on July 9, 2022. (Photo/Christopher Sadowski)
Christopher Sadowski

“I live in these projects,” he told the wounded driver.

The brute then fled the scene. The driver was treated at St. Luke’s Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, the sources said.

The suspect was described as about 5-foot-8 and in his early 30s, with a missing tooth. He was wearing a black leather jacket, multicolored hoodie, black sweats and black sneakers at the time.

8/31/21 A woman was stabbed near or inside a NYC mobile care unit (blue bus pictured) earlier today. Apparently, a homeless person can go inside the bus to grab a shower if they want one. The victim was stabbed in the neck and there is a good possibility that she will not make it. Here, a police vehicle and yellow tape can be seen at the crime scene. (pictured) Near the corner of Georgia Avenue and Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Please credit Gregory P. Mango. "nypostinhouse"
Gregory P. Mango

The attack comes on the heels of the pepper-spraying of another MTA bus driver earlier this month.

In that incident, the 35-year-old driver was flagged down by a man in Washington Heights on Sept. 15, with the suspect then walking into the bus and pepper-spraying the MTA worker and running off, police said.