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Republicans defending panel testimony on January 6 seeking amnesty after the riots

The Special Committee has shown the results of the 2020 elections by Trump's top Republican advocates. Those Republicans also helped put pressure on the Justice Department to justify their false fraud allegations. None of the members of the Diet have been pardoned.

At a previous hearing, the January 6 panel was a lawyer who was one of the leading architects to maintain Trump's power, seeking to be on Trump's "pardon list." Shown an email from John Eastman. He also had never been amnesty

Later on Thursday, some Republican lawmakers vehemently denied asking them for an amnesty. Gomartsaid in his statementthat he sought amnesty from others unrelated to January 6. President's amnesty to myself or other members of the Diet.

Biggswrote on Twitterthat the allegation was "wrong." Jordan said he had never requested an amnesty, but did not say whether he had requested a status update.

Other Republicans criticized the Commission, but did not directly deny the allegations. In a tweet, Mr. Green accused the commission of relying on hearsay, and Mr. Hutchinson testified that he had "heard" the request for amnesty, but did she ever seek amnesty? I refused to repeat the question from the reporter about how.

Gates tweeted thatsimply criticized the selection panel; he ignored the question about the evidence he asked for forgiveness late Thursday.

Meanwhile, Brooks said in a statement, "The e-mail request speaks for itself," and decided to prosecute or imprison the Republicans for opposition to the voter's vote. Cited concerns.

Alabama Republicans told reporters that Mr. Trump had asked reporters to submit a request for amnesty "in writing for evaluation" from January onwards. 6 Conversations — And after he sent his email, "The president thought it was best to just do it. I agreed with him."

About forgiveness The testimony also emphasized the lack of evidence of testimony from former White House adviser Pat Chiporon and his deputy Patrick Philbin, who recently urged panel vice-chairman Liz Chainy to testify. Both met informally with the Commission, but did not understand much at the hearing. Several testimonies on Thursday suggested that Philbin had received a request for amnesty.

As the selection committee prepares to add new evidence to next month's hearing, Chairman Bennie Thompson will support reporters and the committee will support the Republican amnesty bid. He said he could.

At the fifth hearing, he emphasized that Trump and his allies had joined the Justice Department to seize his second term after losing the election. Trump's top executives at the time — Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, his Deputy Attorney General Richard Donohue, and former Attorney General Steven Engel — made Trump's efforts to deploy a DOJ to serve his efforts. Described a series of increasingly desperate meetings to dodge. A fierce, ultimately successful effort to prevent him from having more obedient officials on top of the department.

"He pressured the Justice Department to act as an arm in his reelection campaign," Thompson said. The

panel also emphasized Trump's own direct pressure on the escalated DOJ a few days after former Attorney General William Barr announced his resignation in mid-December 2020.

". Say the elections were corrupt and leave the rest to me and the [Republican] House of Representatives, "Donohue recalled Trump at a meeting on December 27, 2020.

Hearings revealed that Trump's Westwing had become a paradise for conspiracy theories about fraudulent elections and asked the DOJ and other cabinet agencies to investigate. When the theory was uncovered, Trump relied on new things, often pulled out of the remote corners of the Internet, and laundered through the Protrump channel until he arrived at the Oval Office.

According to Thursday's testimony, Mr. Trump told officials, "You may not be following the Internet like I am."

Donoghue described one such theory that the Italian satellite switched voting from Trump to Joe Biden as "pure madness." However, the Special Committee also showed that Trump's newly appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, called Italian officials to ask about a strange theory.

Many hearings have increased pressure on the DOJ, despite Trump's allies in Congress systematically condemning Donald Trump's allegations of fraudulent elections by the Justice Department. I emphasized how it helped.

The selection panel said Thursday in a lesser-known DOJ environment where Perry, now chair of HouseFreedom Caucus, wanted Trump to amplify his uncovered allegations of fraudulent voting. He showed that he helped connect Trump with official Jeffrey Clark. Perry took Clark to the White House on December 22, 2020, according to visitor records released by the Parliamentary Riot Commission.

Trump went to the point of offering the best job to Clark of the Department of Justice and retreated as Rosen, Donohue, Engel, and Siporon warned of a major escape within the DOJ. According to witnesses, Engel's warning to Trump that Clark's Justice Department would become a "graveyard" clearly affected Trump, and he withdrew his plans.

Donohue emphasized that Trump revealed that he was not interested in the benefits of alleged election fraud. The DOJ just supports them and leaves the rest to him and his allies. As part of that plot, Trump pressured his DOJ leaders to write letters explaining their concerns about election irregularities in multiple states.

Clark was ready to issue the letter and urged the state to convene a parliament and consider whether to appoint a new presidential elector to support Trump. Clark was asked by a special committee on these issues during the testimony recording earlier this year, exercising his fifth amendment to potential self-incrimination and claiming executive privilege.

FBI officials raided Clark's house on Wednesday, some special commissioners as part of a rapidly escalating criminal investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn the elections. Signs seen by members of the society.

In court filings related to the investigation, the Commission unveiled a text message between Perry and Mark Meadows, then White House Chief of Staff, and Perry gave Meadows Clark at the Justice Department. I urged him to be promoted as soon as possible. The two also discussed Clark's potential agents. The special committee also received testimony that Meadows had burned several papers in his office after meeting Perry in a significant post-election week.

Rosen and Donohue also explained their experience on January 6 and constantly called with parliamentary leaders, cabinet bureaucrats, then Vice President Mike Pence, and senior White House aides. I pointed out that I was calling. But they said they had never heard of Trump in the turmoil.

Betsy Woodruff Swan and Anthony Adraguna contributed to this report.