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Murkowski expected to run for November general election

Alaska Sen. Lisa Markowski is expected to win a seat in Tuesday's general election, ABC News reports, led by former President Donald Trump. Rejected attempts to usurp her seat.

Murkowski was one of the top four vote-getters in Alaska's Senate primary, which drew candidates from all parties. The top four head into his November ranked general election.

Markowski has been a prime target for Trump, who has used this year's midterm election cycle as the cornerstone of his crusade to purge the Republican Party of all critics.

The Alaskan senator was one of seven senators to convict Trump in the impeachment trial after last year's Capitol riots.

To counter Markowski, Trump endorsed former Alaska Chief Executive Kelly Chibaka. Tshibaka has been a staunch ally of the former president, claiming there are unanswered questions about the 2020 race and unsubstantially claiming it was "stolen" from him.

But Murkowski never slouched in elections, proving that he can win even in the toughest of circumstances.

While she famously lost the Republican Senate primary in her 2010 Tea Party wave, she taught Alaskan voters how to spell her name correctly. You won against Generals by writing campaigns.

Since then, she has continued to honing her moderate reputation in the Senate, opposing the party on issues such as her health care and abortion, and in February 2021, Trump announced her voted to convict.

"Before, when someone assumed the office of President, they were required to swear that they would faithfully perform the office of President and to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. He vowed to protect all that he held sacred. He did not keep that oath.

Voters can rank the four candidates in order of preference, and if the candidate wins the majority in the #1 ranking, That candidate wins, but if no one wins a majority, the bottom-ranked candidate is eliminated and the backer's second choice is reassigned to another candidate.This process is , until one candidate gains a majority.

The system's emphasis on forming coalitions rather than relying solely on bases and ideological boundaries Given Markowski's fascination with the world, he is expected to help Markowski.