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My boss made me fat by wearing a crop top, but my petite colleague didn't

Thisplus size womandoes not take crops from her boss.

A former smoke shop staff named Abigayle Canterbury gave a virus whistle to her former manager, who was allegedlybody-shamingfor wearing a crop top during the shift. I'm blowing. Sexy blouse was often sported by her smaller colleague without being scolded. 

And the full figure employee eventually quit the gig after receiving a bitter request to "cover his belly". 

"I got adress code for this jobI don't have a dress code. It makes sense — I can't," said over 404,000 views. Canterbury, 22, shouted in a recorded introduction to the current trend of TikTok. 

"I'm also the only plus-sized woman they worked for," added the gorgeous brunette chain of smoke shop chains in Mobile, Alabama. Abuse.

Abigayle Canterbury claims she was targeted and body-shamed by her former employer for wearing a crop top to work.
TikTok / @ abigaylecanterbury

"I went to one of their places A big girl who works without and has never seen it. It was always avery small, petite girland they always wore what they liked, "she continued.

And the brand's seemingly relaxed dress code policy was the first to attract Canterbury to her work. 

"When I got this job, I got the impression that I could wear a crop top with my jeans. That's not a big deal," she said. She recognized the restrictions on work clothes. 

But when Canterbury received a harsh text message from her unnamed manager, she didn't approve the clothes the smoke shop owner exposed her midriff. I was shocked to know that.

Canterbury says none of her more petite co-workers have ever received a dress code violation for wearing skimpy outfits.
TikTok / @ abigaylecanterbury

"I received a text message from the manager. According to the message. Basically, the business owner wanted to see what I was wearing and say, "Cover your stomach," Canterbury said.

She went on to share a screenshot of the text thread. In this screenshot, the manager clearly tells her "better clothes" and "covers the whole body".

And Canterbury — in the comments section of her video, claims she wore a crop top when she was hired by a smoke shop — her rebuke was “on her skin. I sneaked in. "

"Cover my body?" She asked in a clip. "Have you seen another f-king employee?"

And the next day she went to a slim colleague (wearing a peeping top and a skimpy bottom). When asked if he had been warned of a dress code, Canterbury was the only employee to be lectured for her appearance, which was stunned to find out that she was her. 

Social media watchers immediately rushed to Canterbury's defense with anecdotes of their own encounters with body-discrimination in the workplace.
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"In other words, you can basically appeal for discrimination. ... and you [obviously] put it in the text, "a cyber supporter wrote. 

"Yeah. I'm a lean and positive size woman. I can clearly see the difference in how I was treated. When I was lean , They were very kind to me, "another confessed.

"If you've never been chosen for your size, I hope it never happens because it's a horrifying f-king feeling," she said.

"No one deserves to be treated likebased on sizeor race ... Discrimination is discrimination, and what has been done to me is It falls into that little f-king box. "