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My fashion influencer gig looked attractive on Instagram, but away from the camera, I was alone

When she grew up on a cotton farm in South Texas, 39-year-old Jacey Dupley someday sits in the front row of an international runway show. I never imagined that. She wanted her to wear her own clothes, relaxing in a free suite at a five-star hotel in Paris and being courted by her best fashion designer. rice field.

On the surface, she was a popular fashion influencer with over 700,000 followersBut when she took off the camera, she pushed her husband away and was alone on the couch. I was reading a self-help book in my sweatpants. She was a few days away from her divorce, not knowing who would trust her inner circle, and wondered if her luck, fame, and her free clothes deserved it.

"It was around July 4th. My husband Grant moved in. And I noticed that I had millions of followers, but no one was able to snuggle up. "Dupley tells the post about her situation five years ago. Today she and Grant are in a much better place and she lives in Los Angeles with her 3-year-old daughter in June. Her new book,"Liking Myself Back: Influencer's Journey from Self-Doubt to Self-Acceptance,"looked perfect on Instagram, but this from a lot of cracked life. Telling a story and other stories. Below the surface.

Duprie’s marriage hit a low point where hubby Grant moved out. They’ve since sought counseling.
Provided by JaceyDuprie
With the kindness of Jacey Duprie,

Duprie never started to be an influencer. After she earned a degree in Communication from DePaul University in Chicago, she engaged in television production at theThe Oprah Winfrey Show and E. You can find her fast fashion on the designer's label. Her friend urged her to start blogging when she was in her late twenties. Her blog was later transformed intoDamsel In Dior. remember. "I found something that I was really excited about, really passionate about, and wanted to be a nerd." The blog's request worked well with her ability to over-focus on her passion. She later learned that it was part of a set of symptoms associated with ADD diagnosis. "I went to my laptop before brushing my teeth. I'm in bed with my laptop. I was so crazy."

But the blog expanded to Instagram accounts With six-digit promotional deals with brands such as Amazon, Cotton Inc, eBay, and Old Navy, Dupley's picturesque life began to crack. She had a $ 60,000 tax claim. And because Dupley was still considered up-and-coming at the time, she found it difficult to bring in free merchandise from the brand. It became a virtuous circle: she had to spend money on clothing and accessories to make money through people buying from affiliate links posted on her blog. At that point, Dupley discovered the "pull" technique. She goes to the clothing store, borrows what she wants, pays a 10% return fee, and returns the rest of the items. In this way, the $ 2,000 haulage was reduced to $ 200. 

Provided by: Jacey Duprie
Provided by: Jacey Duprie

These trading tricks have been enhanced by strengthening relationships with fashion spokespersons. Dupley met with a fashion spokeswoman and was invited to choose her outfit. It looked gorgeous, but she says Dupley was a daunting task. The meeting with the publicist is followed by a handwritten note (her personal information is studded. Dupley keeps a note full of observations about each publicist's family, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. I kept it). She also returned her clothes as soon as her laundry and dry cleaning were done, along with a carefully selected gift.

She often worked overnight, analyzed analyzes, attended her blog meetings, and hone her photo-editing skills. She will also negotiate her contract herself. It wasn't easy to become her nearly seven-digit empire editor, star, producer, tech support, and administrative assistant, but when her lifelooked perfect, she did it. I felt like I couldn't admit. "When I say this, I probably sound very tired, but you make one, two, three, four first class trips to Italy, which is still great. You still get that feeling, but you'll soon find yourself on the flight alone, "says Dupley. 

Provided by Jacey Duprie

In addition, all work hides internal pain. I did. Her father, her biggest champion, was also an alcoholic who was in and out of drinking. During Dupley's childhood, her family suffered bankruptcy, and Dupley often had to help her father, sometimes taking her home from the bar when she was a young teenager. Her father was drunk at her graduation and he had a flash of her anger that scared her, including once igniting their lawn mower.

"Let's go get lunch. Tell me everything about how much you hate me. In a turbulent childhood, she makes with Grant. As her brand grew, she became very focused and her husband was retrofitted, but instead of digging into her pain, Dupley I turned on the filter. "My mind works when things start to slip in my mental health and personal life. I really start to grasp what I feel I can control," she said. say. "For me, was the content I was creating."

A meticulous networker, Duprie says she always thanked p.r. reps with handwritten notes.
Provided by: Jacey Duprie

Meanwhile, her Damsel in Diorblog has never been so successful. And the more successful she was, the more spectators were waiting for her to fall. Dior's Damsel continued to pop up on various online forums dedicated to choosing influential people.

"It's easy to make fun of these girls traveling around the world, complaining about being on the beach," says Dupley. "You really understand. I'm really sorry." I fully understand. Aw, the idea runs through my head when I'm doing it. "But if you don't have the equipment and the tools to actually handle it and face it, it takes time to get used to and grow on that thick skin," says Dupley. Forum already. "Honestly, many trolls go directly into your comments and DMs. This is great. I would love it a lot. I said," Let's go get lunch. How much you I Please tell me everything about whether you hate Sometimes strangers weren't the only ones. One year, Ashley, a friend of Dupley and one of the bridesmaids, attended New York Fashion Week, where she tried to launch her own blog after years of working as a fashion segment producer for television networks. I was there. Dupley, who also participated in Fashion Week, continued to dodge the phone until she said Ashley bought a leopard print dress from Australian designer Zimmerman and wore it at the designer's show. The dress was the same as Dupley sent from the designer. She planned to wear it on her own show.

While Ashley was excited about the potential of her twins, Dupley switched her outfit plans and froze her when they bumped into each other at the show. success.

Liking Myself Back by Jacey Duprie

Then Dupley realized it was a mistake — and the incident was a turning point. She was also yelling at her assistant. During an expert meeting, and unless it's aside, she barely talks to her husband. "I think it boiled up to this point when it was about blogging, me, and my Instagram. Yes, it was so selfish because it was so selfish. And these moments were added together. And if you keep summing them up, you'll hit the bottom. "

The bottom of the rock meant wrestling with the question. Who was Jacy Dupley if she wasn't Dior's Damsel? On the weekend when her husband moved, Dupley promised to heal herself. She declined her trip in favor of spending time in her garden, went to treatment, and began to make her painful memories of her childhood. She also started couple therapy with Grant. Little by little, she began to feel more fixed to herself. 

Today, Dupley wants to keep her life more realistic and offline. Instead of posting immediately, it often takes a day or two to unzip before sharing. “It's really a matter of quality rather than quantity,” says Dupley. "And slow down our lives a bit."