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A "naked hermit" who has lived alone for 29 years says goodbye to a remote island

A Japanese drifter who lived alone on a remote islandbefore being returned to civilization recently returned to his original home and said, "Goodbye. A heartwarming video show.

Masafumi Nagasaki (87) was ordered by the Japanese government to leave Sotobanari Island in 2018, and has lived a lonely life for 29 years as a "naked hermit" in the archipelago of southwestern Okinawa. rice field. ..

Nagasaki's journey was recorded byAlvaro Cerezo. He runs a company calledDocastawaythat records island drifters and makes tourists live entirely alone on uninhabited islands.

Nagasuki, believed to have been a photographer before fleeing civilization, wants to die alone on an isolated island and adapts to the complexity of modern Japanese cities when he returns. Selezo said he had a hard time.

Government officials gave him a bedroom and gave him what was called "a little money" to cover his basic necessities. Sadly, Nagaski was trapped most of the time during the coronavirus pandemic, so he couldn't make many friends.

Masafumi Nagasaki

"His little room was the only place where he could live undressed and live as freely as he did, so he isolates himself. Can be like his desert island for the past 29 years, ”Cerezowrote in his blog post.

Over time, Nagasaki often collected garbage from the streets, but was fed up with the amount of pollution caused by the city's inhabitants, Selezo said.

A video posted by Cerezo last week shows that Nagasaki has recently returned to Sotobanari Island. There he was able to say goodbye to where he lived undisturbed for decades. The old man became emotional when the boat returned him to the shoreline, where he raised his hand over his head, a video show.

Naked Nagasaki laughed with joy while incorporating the environment he was accustomed to, and released an unforgettable "expression of pure freedom".

Nagasaki then returned to Ishigaki Island, Japan, where he lived in a government-sponsored room, Selezo told the post on Monday.

Masafumi Nagasaki
Alvaro Cerezo
Masafumi Nagasaki
Alvaro Cerezo

"Fortunately, Nagasaki wasn't sad to leave," Cerezo wrote. "He seemed happy to have had the opportunity to say goodbye to his island. Perhaps a few years from now, if he still wants to spend his last days on Sotobarani Island, feels his time is right and he is ready to leave this world, we are definitely I'm there to help him.

"He was the longest-lasting voluntary drifter in history," Cerezo claimed.

"I or my drifter's client usually stays alone on an uninhabited island for two weeks, up to five weeks, but Masafumi Nagasaki spent 29 years. He's like a hero to us.

"I have the most respect for him, like many around us when he was young. He was a very unhappy person. He could have mental problems and depend on and to make people around him unhappy. Instead, he chose to live a wonderful life alone in the most beautiful paradise. He was very consistent. "