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Nassau County executives want Roddy Ricch to be banned in the "F–kNYPD" chant

Roddy Ricch.
Roddy Ricch began a chant during a Hot 97 summer jam performance in Queens earlier this month. Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images / AFP

This is "Real Talk".

Nassau County executive Bruce Blakeman says Roddy Ricch will perform on Long Island this fall after the rapper leads the"F–k the NYPD" chant. I want to ban it.

"The last thing these officers need is a'celebrity'who incites violence and hates them," said Bruce Blakeman, executive of Nassau County, running the UBS Arena in Elmont. I charged him with a letter to him and shared it exclusively with the post.

"We should show more support for the police as violence against the police is increasing and awakened politicians are instigating the flames of the police movement's defense." Blakeman said.

The Grammy Award-winning artist (formally known as Lodi Moore) was suspected of possessing a gun during a Hot 97 summer jam performance in Queens earlier this month{27. } I started the chant after an hour. 52} was dropped by DA .

Lich is with two other men the night before when a guard outside Citi Field's Governors Ball Festival finds a canic 9mm pistol under the seat of his car. Was arrested.

Bruce Blakeman.
Denis A. Clark

The prosecutor is Rich and one of his men. Withdrew charges against Carlos Collins. A third man, Michael Figueroa, was charged with possession of a felony with a loaded firearm on suspicion of throwing a weapon in his waistband.

"On behalf of the 1.4 million inhabitants of Nassau County, I condemn [Rich] rhetoric as strongly as possible," Blakeman said in a letter. "The Nassau County Police Department works closely with the NYPD every day to keep the community throughout Nassau County safe."

Rappers at the UBS Arena as part of the Post Malone Tour Performance is currently scheduled for October 9th.

The Oak View Group, which operates the venue, did not immediately respond to the request. For comments.