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As the next step after the Roe v. Wade case, the people's right to life looks to limit drug abortion

Attendees attended "Preparing for the 2022 Elections" and "Grassroots Lobbying 101" at a fun National Committee on Living Rights Convention in Atlanta over the weekend. I listened to workshops such as. "Drug Abortion-This is becoming a more common method of theprocedure-is rapidly emerging as the most pressing priority of the anti-abortion movement {9. }

"Chemical abortion is a battle we will probably last for the next decade," Jennifer Popic, head of the group's Federal Legal Department, told attendees.

"No matter how many of your wonderful states ban abortions for six weeks or almost completely, these medicines will still be in your state," she added. ..

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of mifepristone in combination with misoprostol for abortion in 2000, and recently relaxed certain federal regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic. , Made it possible to mail drugs.

After Friday's ruling overturned Roe, Attorney General Merrick Garland said, "Based on disagreements with FDA experts on safety and efficacy, Mifepristone It cannot be banned. "

He also quoted the "Rock Constitution Principles" as a protection for women living in states that banned abortion where abortion is legal.

However, the people's right to life is intended to promote state and federal law to criminalize and prevent the direct dispensing of drugs used for drug abortion. .. The group also wants legislation that requires informed consent, blocking telemedicine for these medicines and calling it an "unproven medical approach" by theAmerican College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. It promotes the controversial practice of the reversal of so-called abortion medicines that are considered. "It" does not meet clinical criteria. "

Model legislation

National Right to Life is amodel legislationthat came into force prior to last week's ruling for pregnant women. Limit abortion except to save lives, and limit language if the state wants to isolate the exception of rape and incest.

This group also "collusions to cause illegal abortion, or encourages or aborts", "trafficking" drugs that induce abortion, and "trafficking" of minors. We are asking the state to limit "abortion trafficking."

Proposals include criminal punishment, including giving instructions on how to obtain self-managed abortion or "illegal abortion" by telephone, internet, or other means. It suggests that it should be extended to individuals who support or have an abortion. A form of communication. The group also includes criminal penalties for hosting or maintaining websites that "encourage or promote efforts to obtain illegal abortions", provide or provide "abortion doula" services, and referrals to abortion providers. I suggest that it should be. The

group recommends that the state allow individuals or groups that violate abortion law to file civil suits in state or local officials or relatives of pregnant women.

"In addition to criminal penalties and revocation of doctor's licenses, civil remedies will be important to ensure that fetal life is protected from tort," notes say. ..

The state is also encouraged to require doctors to report to the state agency if an abortion is needed to prevent the death or misdemeanor of a pregnant woman.

Conservative lawyer and legal counsel for national survival rights who helped draft the model bill said, "The right to life movement where we need to be post-low. It reflects the whole idea. " "" He admitted that "it is very difficult for a state to enforce extraterritoriality of law" and that "a breach must occur in the state".

However, abortion advocates, including Elizabeth Nash, a national policy analyst at the Guttmacher Institute, are "deeply concerned" about the model law and "people always need abortion care."

Nash argues that the bill would be inconsistent with the rights of Article 1 of the Amendment to the Constitution, "raising concerns that such provisions would kill the sharing of information about abortion. In many respects, self. It's not just abortion by management. "

'Where the battle takes place'

National Right to Life's state affiliates, as a few states, Push model legislation to state legislators. Announced to hold a special session to consider abortion law.

Bopp told CNN that the people's right to life is a plan to actively promote model law nationwide, but how many democratic-led states have not made such efforts progress. I admitted that there was.

All the while, activists and other groups with national rights to life against abortion are preparing for the next stage of the battle.

At the weekend convention, Randall O'Bannon, Director of Education and Research at National Right to Life, pointed out the legislature battle as "the place where the next battle will take place." A few years. "In particular, he warned participants of what he had assembled as a unique and detrimental task of fighting abortion with drugs that can be ordered online," Abortion is an old abortion doctor operating in an aging clinic. Stop thinking that it is done by. "

"It's hard to detect and may be even harder to control," O'Bannon said. "Can you stop? Yes. Is it easy? No. But I have faced many difficult challenges so far."